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Vilsoni Hereniko: Publications

Books of Original Scholarship

1999 Inside Out: Literature, Cultural Politics, and Identity in the New Pacific. Edited with Rob Wilson. Lanham, Boulder, New York, Oxford. Rowman and Littlefield Publishers.

1995 Woven Gods: Female Clowns and Power in Rotuma. Center for Pacific Islands Studies and University of Hawaii Press.

1977 Art in the New Pacific. Suva: South Pacific Creative Arts Society.

Co-authored Book

1985 South Pacific Islanders. With Patricia Hereniko. London. Wayland Publishers.

Multi-authored Textbook

1990 Realities. With Cliff Benson Suva: Fiji Ministry of Education. (A comprehension book for senior secondary students in the South Pacific.)


2000 Love 3 Times. Commissioned play by Kumu Kahua. Due for production in May 2001.

1999 Fine Dancing. In preparation for publication.

1993 Last Virgin in Paradise. with Teresia Teaiwa. Suva: South Pacific Creative Arts Society.

1992 "Sambo Meets the Goddess Devi on a Moonless Night" in Mana. Vol 1. No. 2, 75-77.

1989 The Monster and Other Plays. Suva: South Pacific Creative Arts Society. (A collection of six one-act plays.)

1987 Two Plays: A Child for Iva/Sera's Choice. Suva: South Pacific Creative Arts Society.(A Child for Iva was first published by Heinemann, New Zealand.)

1977 Don't Cry, Mama. Suva: South Pacific Creative Arts Society. Reprinted in Chinese Journal of Oceanic Literature, No. 2, 1981. Excerpts of this play are reprinted in Creative Writing From Fiji, edited by Nandan and Atherton. Suva: Fiji Writers' Association, 1985.

Children's Books/ Stories

1997 Sina and Tinilau. Suva: Institute of Pacific Studies, Fiji Writers' Association, Australian Cultures Fund.

1991 The Wicked Cat. Suva: Institute of Education, University of the South Pacific.

1991 Lifetimes (Rotuman translation) with Betty Inia. Suva: Institute of Pacific Studies.

1980 Split Island. School Journal. Wellington: School Publications Branch. Part 3: No.1, 19-21.

Journals (ed.)

1997 Wasafiri: Pacific Writing. With Briar Wood, London: University of London, 1997.

1994 Mana. Vol 9:3. Suva: South Pacific Creative Arts Society, 1994. With Suzanna Layton.

1993 Manoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing. Vol.10.1.

1992 Mana. South Pacific Creative Arts Society, Suva.

1986 Mana. With Patricia Hereniko. South Pacific Creative Arts Society, Suva.

Chapters/Articles in Books

2001 David and Goliath: A Response to Subramani’s The Oceanic Imaginary. The Contemporary Pacific. Vol .13. No.1, 163-168.

2000 Mapping the Territory: Emerging Writers in the Pacific. Conversations Vol 1: 2, 26-34.

2000 Indigenous Knowledge and Academic Imperialism. Remembrance of Pacific Pasts: An Invitation to Remake History, edited by Borofsky, University of Hawaii Press.

1999 Four Writers and One Critic. Inside Out: Literature, Cultural Politics and Identity in the New Pacific, ed. with Rob Wilson, Rowman and Littlefield, Lanham, Boulder, New York, Oxford, 55-64.

1994 Representations of Cultural Identities. Tides of History: the Pacific Islands in the Twentieth Century. Allen and Unwin, Sydney, 406-434. Also revised and reprinted in Inside Out.

1994 Clowning as Political Commentary: Polynesia, Then and Now.The Contemporary Pacific. Vol. 6. 1. 1994. Reprinted in Art and Performance in Oceania, edited by Barry Craig, Bernie Kernot, Christopher Anderson. Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press, 15-18 (1999)

1992 Clowning and Culture in Rotuman Weddings. Clowning as Critical Practice: Performance Humor in the South Pacific. Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh Press, 167-191.

1992 Education for Self-Determination: Some Examples from Indigenous Pacific Literature. Land, Culture and Development in the Aquatic Continent. Malcolm, Jr.and Jeanne Skog eds. Honolulu: Kapalua Pacific Center, 249-252. An abridged version of this essay titled "On Satirizing the Modern: Literary Lessons for the Pacific" was later published in Cultural Currents. Vol.2. July 1993.

1992 The Monster. Pacific Studies. Vol.15: 4, 177-197. This includes an interview with the playwright.

1977 Dance as a Reflection of Rotuman Culture. Rotuma: Split Island. Suva: Institute of Pacific Studies/Social Sciences Association/USP Center, 120-142. Reprinted in Rotuma: Hanua Pumue: Precious Land. Suva: Institute of Pacific Studies, University of the South Pacific, 1991.

Entries in Encyclopedia

1998 Music and Theater: The Pacific Islands.The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music. Vol. 9. with Adrienne Kaeppler et. al. ed. by Adrienne Kaeppler and J. W. Love, Garland Publishing, Inc. New York and London, 229-240.

1996 Rotuman Art. The Dictionary of Art.. London: Macmillan.

Foreword/Introduction to Books

1997 Editors’ Note. Think of a Garden and Other Plays. University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu. vii-viii.

1996 Foreword. A Bibliography of Rotuma, compiled by Antonine D. R. N'Yeurt et. al. Pacific Information Centre and Marine Studies Programme of the University of the South Pacific, Suva. vii.

1995 Foreword. Indigenous Literature of Oceania: A Survey of Criticism and Interpretation. Greenwood Press, Westport and London.

1993 Prose Poem. Visions of the Pacific. Edited by David Arnell and Lisette Wolk. Rarotonga, Ministry of Cultural Development and Cook Islands Government, 153.

1986 Introduction. Pacific Artists. University of the South Pacific, Suva. vii-viii.

Works in Other Periodicals

1999 Representations of Pacific Islanders in Film and Video. Documentary Box. 14: 18-20 (Yamagata, Japan).

1993 Pacific Island Literature. Manoa. Vol. 5.1. 47-49.

1993 On Satirizing the Modern: Literary Lessons for the Pacific. Cultural Currents. East-West Center. No. 2. July, 3 and 11.

1990 The Clown's Story. After Narrative. Subramani ed. Suva: University of the South Pacific, 223-229.

1987 Rotuman Storytelling.Tukuni Mada Mai: Towards Children's Literature for the South Pacific. Suva: USP/Institute of Education, 49-58.

1987 Drama Methods in the Teaching of English to Fifth and Sixth Forms in Fiji. Directions. Vol.10. No.2, USP/IOE, Suva, 71-81.

1986 Drama Methods in the Classroom. Teaching News. Suva Association of Teachers of English.

1979 Creative Expression and Pacific Awareness. Pacific Perspective. Vol 8:1. French version in Perspectives du Pacifique. USP Center/ South Pacific Social Sciences Association, Vila, 1983.

Interviews of Writers

2002 From the Sideline: An Interview with Brij V Lal, Historian and Constitutional Commissioner. The Contemporary Pacific 14:168-184.

2001 An Interview with Subramani. The Contemporary Pacific 13: 1, 184-198.

1998 An Interview with Patricia Grace.The Contemporary Pacific 10: 154-163. Also reprinted in Inside Out.

1995 An interview with Alan Duff. The Contemporary Pacific 7: 328-344. Also reprinted in Inside Out.

1993 Following in Her Footsteps: An Interview With Albert Wendt. Manoa. Vol. 5.1. 51-59.

1993 An Interview with Albert Wendt. The Contemporary Pacific 5: 112-131. Also reprinted in Inside Out.

1993 Comic Theater of Samoa: An Interview With John. A. Kneubuhl. Manoa. Vol. 5.1. 99-104.

Short Stories

1994 The Unfinished Fence. Nuanua: Pacific Writing in English since 1980, edited by Albert Wendt. Auckland: University of Auckland Press and Honolulu, University of Hawai`i Press, 1995.

1992 When East Meets West.Te Rau Maire: Poems and Stories from the Pacific. Rarotonga: Ministry of Cultural Development, 69-73.

1986 The Encounter. Mana. Vol.9. No: 1, 31-40.

1978 The Unfinished Fence. Mana. Vol.2 No.2, 1978. Reprinted several times by the Fiji Ministry of Education in Roots 1977 for use in schools.

1977 The Convert.Third Mana Annual of South Pacific Creative Writing. Suva: South Pacific Creative Arts Society, Suva. Also reprinted by Fiji Ministry of Education in Roots, 1977 for use in schools, and in Chinese Journal of Oceanic Literature. No. 4, 1982. This Mana annual also has my poem "The Mat Weavers."

1977 The Royal Visit. Sinnet. Vol 1, No.1. This issue also has my poem "The Storm."

Translated Book

Eric Le Moal
1981 Art Du Pacifique. Institute of Pacific Studies, Suva. (Translation of Art in the New Pacific. )

Original Articles in Translation

1997 "Representations of Pacific Islanders in Film and Video" in Documentary Box: 145: 18-20. [in Japanese]

1990 "Pacific Art." Leer: MUNDO-Verlag, 58-64. [in German]

Articles by Japanese scholars

Yasukawa, Akira
1996 Vilsoni Hereniko: The Playwright of the South Pacific. The Bungaku Roshu of Kansai University. 45 (1): 29-44. (In Japanese)

Nakamura, Kazue
1996 Teikoku o Kainarase. Waseda Bungaku. no 242 (July): 909-93. (In Japanese)

Listed in:

The Pacific Islands: an encyclopedia. Lal, Brij and Kate Fortune (eds.)
532. (2000)

Encyclopedia of Post-Colonial Literature in English, edited by Eugene Benson and L. W. Conolly. London and New York: Routledge: 1995, 654-655

Writers from the South Pacific: A Bio-Bibliographical Critical Encyclopedia. Washington D. C: Three Continents Press, 1991, 149-150.


1989 The han maneak su in a Rotuman Wedding. Documentary, 17 mins. Writer and director. University of the South Pacific, Fiji.


2001 The Land Has Eyes. A feature film. Production completed end July 2001. Now in post-production. Scheduled for release in 2003.

1998 Just Dancing. A short fictional film. 11 minutes. Te Maka Productions, Hawaii. This short film had its world premiere at the Pusan International Film Festival in Korea in 1998. Since then, it has been an official selection at the Hawaii International Film Festival, the Los Angeles Asia-Pacific Film Festival, and the Palm Springs International Film Festival. It was also part of the NETPAC (Network for the Promotion of Asia-Pacific Cinema) tour for 1999 and was screened at the Four Star Theater in San Francisco and the Honolulu Academy of Art. Just Dancing was screened as part of the SPACLALS (South Pacific Association of Commonwealth Literatures and Language Studies) International Conference held at the University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji, 1999.

1989 The han maneak su in a Rotuman Wedding. Documentary, 17 mins. University of the South Pacific, Fiji.

Produced Plays

2001 Love 3 Times. Kumu Kahua Theater.

1997 Fine Dancing. NETPAC/USA. Magic Island Beach, Honolulu.

1988-1994 Last Virgin in Paradise; The Monster; Sera's Choice; Sina and Tinilau; A Child for Iva; Don't Cry, Mama; The Shadow; Good Morning, Class!; A Class of 88; Sambop Meets the Goddess Devi on a Moonless Night, Sina ma Iinilau (musical); and Islands at Sea. Locations of productions for the above include Suva, Honolulu, Hilo, Auckland, Eugene and London.

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