From Aggie Penjueli and Rachael Murray (For Waikato/Bay of Plenty group)

On the 12th of February Ravai Rennel had his induction as Reverend for the Rotuman Methodist Congregation of New Zealand, attended by Ravai's mother Mua Nafrue, Mareta Samisoni, John Konrote from Fiji and friends & family from all over NZ. The Auckland group hosted the function at Mangere Hall. The day started with the church service followed by celebrations.

A hafa (Rotuman dance) was performed, songs were composed by Rosa & Amoe Penjueli, Emma Carswell, Aunty Mareta Samisoni, Elaijia and Katafono from the Pacific Guardian. The dancers performed beautifully and looked great in their costumes. One would have thought that they were professionals straight from Rotuma. The Pacific Guardian boys provided Rotuman and English music throughout. The Rotuman traditional theme 'os ag fak Rotuma' was used. The young girls performed the kava ceremony and the koua was called out by Suka. There was copious amounts of food, the fekei being devoured first. The Fijian Community in Auckland presented a sevusevu.

Enjoy the following photos of this auspicious occasion.