From Curleen Taukave-Langman (8 April 2006)

Project Rotuma praises the organizers of the Rotuman Carnival recently held in Suva. It is awesome to see other Rotuman associations adopt this mindset of fundraising for their village projects while simultaneously focussing on uniting our community as a whole.

PJR believes unity is imperative in achieving the goals for our districts and Rotuma as a whole, and encourages all to attempt to make a difference. Rotumans are a very special group of talented people, and we should be proud of our individual accomplishments, however, if we remain fragmented we have little effect on society. United, we are a powerful force.

Since inception, PJR members have been working diligently towards the goals for Rotuma. I assured Minister Konrote of our support the day the results were announced, and we are extremely excited about the new appointment of Dr Fatiaki as Senator. These appointments open up effective communication channels for us.

PJR is proud of it's initiatives and pledges to step up to the plate whenever asked to, provided funds are expended within our legal framework. PJR is open to anyone who has passion to help Rotuma and does not discriminate against gender, age, district or religion. There is alot of love to share in our group.

This should be an exicitng era for Rotumans as we focus on our petite island and the projects that she so desperately needs. Let's keep this momentum going. We encourage Rotumans in other countries to work with us as we progress towards the goals for Rotumans and Rotuma. There are huge projects we could all be involved in. Lets work as a united force and create an environment conducive to a better Rotuma. We invite you to write to us via