I read with disgust the decision made by the Director of Environment, Mr. Nasome, posted on the Fijilive Website, that his Department will wait for the Insurance Company's Assessment Report to determine if the reefs are in danger. As it stands now the bloody reef is in danger and so is the marine life in and around the immediate area where the blinking boat sits. My question is, why is it that important to wait for an assessment report from the very people - Dominion Insurance - who will eventually fork out thousands of dollars to pay for the ship's removal and clean up? Similar to sending the fox to man the chicken coop, isn't it? Shouldn't the assessment be done by the Government or an independent environmental body?

Our Rotuman Senator and MP have been working vigorously towards having this environmental eyesore and guaranteed marine life disaster problem solved. But, it appears that people, Government, and companies involved are still in the blinking decision-making process. The lifestyles of a people once destroyed will take decades to replace. Even though humungous monetary compensation may be awarded by the courts, either locally or internationally, from those responsible should our environment and way of life be destroyed due to the nonaction and leg dragging, money is not what we want; just take the blinking boat off the reef and clean up the blinking mess. So, how do you get a turtle to go faster? Maybe light a fire under its rear-end....Hanisiof

Sefo Avaiki