Congratulations to Col. Alfereti, for his appointment as our new Liaison Officer in the Office of the Prime Minister.

Government has done well and with its emphasis on transparency and accountability, I believe the Colonel will show great diligence in dispatching his duties with impartiality.

No offence to Mr Tomasi Tui who did a good job, but like that English saying, no one is indispensable even though his shoes will be hard to fill. But it’s good that one of our kind, who understands the lingo and is able to understand the local politics and our needs, is appointed to the post. From now on nothing said in Rotuman will go amiss and won’t be heard by the P.M.

My elation at Col. Alfereti's appointment allows me to draw his attention to what was aptly portrayed by the movie, The Land Has Eyes—to be mindful of spiritual matters in all his dealings with Rotuma.

Many Christians will rubbish this innuendo and ancestral belief in this modern era, but Rotuma (with Rotu and Ma meaning Church and Belief, coined into one word), is indeed full of very powerful mana for the islanders even to this day. There are many incidences and stories in the island to support this belief.

Thus I’d encourage the Colonel to learn from the Itu'muta and Itu'ti'u incidences, as well as the dealings of previous Rotuman holders of the post, so that all will be well and prosperous during his tenure.

All my best wishes.

Henry Enasio