A Social Gathering
Harieta Janet Vilsoni

School Prom
On June 17th
One Sunday ev-en-ing
I got myself ready
For a social gathering!
Dressed in red
With curls in my hair.
The gold in my necklace
Helped shine my outfit
With flats on both feet
Secured my stepping
That Id be safe for the evening
Without falling in front of people

School Prom
It was a very exciting feeling
As I walked towards
The gate for the entering
I handed in my ticket
And walked through
Without an escort
Finding my friends
Standing next to them
was their glamorous looking
so called friends
Well groomed and standing proud
To show off their
Perfect tux

School Prom
And classmates at their different corners
Looking very glam
In their very own designed outfits
With the DJ full suited
Ready to take on the dance floor
Surrounded by food
With colors of different veggies
And tasteful meet
I cant wait to dig in
With music so loud
Just makes you wanna
Stand up
And shake a lil
Till your time is up

School Prom
But the teachers never gave up
Watching us as we
Glided through
The dance floor
With music so groovy
We had one hell of a funky party!