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G-5 (George Managreve) readies for debut

From Fijitimes Online (10 January 2009)

By Geraldine Panapasa


TODAY is a double-celebration for George Managreve. He turns 21 years old and he will rap in his first public performance as an emerging hip-hop artist.

George, aka G-5, will also open the live performance at MHCC by the hip-hop enthusiasts who took part in MC Trey's 'Suva Stories' workshop this week.

MC Trey, Fiji's most prominent international hip-hop artst who is based in Australia, conducted the workshop with the support of Youth Inc Fiji and Sydney-based Fiji Youth Initiative.

The workshop focused on teaching youths how to create their own unique beats and write lyrics about their own life stories.

For George, the opportunity was one he did not want to miss especially when music has always been a major part of his life.

His father is from Juju in Rotuma while his mother is part Chinese/Fijian.

"I do everything," he enthused about rapping.

"I write, produce a couple of beats and rap. I've been doing this by myself for a long time.

"In Fiji it's hard to get your music out. Since I've attended the workshop, I've learned a lot more."

He wanted to be a doctor until he had to dissect a frog in class.

It was then that he knew medicine was not for him.

"Ever since then I think commerce was my line so I took that up,"

All music kept him inspired. Especially, music by the Fugees and Wyclef Jean.

He started experimenting with beats and lyrics with a few friends while at Marist Brothers' High School but eventually his friends became disinterested.

"So I did it on my own, writing music, producing beats and rap," he said.

"My friend, Rajen Nair was one of my motivators.

"He used to download tracks for me including instrumental stuff."

He is pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce (management and economics) at the University of the South Pacific.

"Sometimes I would ditch some of my classes to go home and record some stuff because at home my parents are sometimes cranky," he said.

"Especially when recording a song; you tend to be loud. So sometimes at 12 o'clock at night, they would tell me it's too loud.

"None of my music equipment cost more than $50. I play a little keyboard but I'm not really good at it.

"Musicians that have inspired me so far in the Pacific would be Scribe, Mr Grin, Sammy G, Redchild.

"Then there's international superstars like Lupe Fiasco, Chamillionaire and Tupac."

But writing lyrics and producing hip hop beats are never easy.

As an aspiring music artist, George says his surroundings inspire him and give meaning to his music.

Watching the news and reading newspapers are where he gets his ideas from but George says the most influential factor is his experience.

"You have to look for inspiration," he explained.

"You have to look around you. If you really have something in your head, you can write it.

"Sometimes it's what I've seen growing up; all the blood, sweat and tears.

"Sometimes it may not get easy and whenever you fall, you have to keep trying.

"When you fall the first time, you can't say that's it for you; you just have to keep on going to pursue your dreams," he said.

The G in his nickname stands for the first letter of his name while 5 represents the five names; George Kevin Andrew John Managreve, that make up his full name.


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