Contemporary Rotuman Artists

Renee Leslie


Renee was born and raised in Fiji. Her mother is Rita Bentley, of Rotuman/Danish decent born to Fanefau Fatiaki and Alfred Bentley. Her father, Francis Leslie, is of Fijian/British decent born to Thomas Leslie and Diana Williams. Renee moved to Auckland, New Zealand in 2001with her family and called Auckland home for 12 years. She recently moved to Australia to be with her partner and currently resides on the sunny Gold Coast.

"I started painting on glass (mainly wine glasses) a few years back and I absolutely love it! I draw my inspirations from my Rotuman and Fijian heritage and being surrounded by the beautiful scenery that is so rich in the island paradise.

I am so incredibly proud to be from such an unspoilt island Paradise which I was very fortunate to have visited when I was 5 years old. The memories are still as fresh as if it were yesterday. I hope to travel back with family in the next few years..."

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Contemporary Rotuman Artists