Contemporary Rotuman Artists

Micah Fursetafa


Micah is a self–taught artist of Rotuman heritage who has been interested in pencil shading and drawing since the age of ten. Even through high school, Micah was always exploring the arts.

He began painting in 2006 at the Oceania Centre, USP, starting off with ink painting. He later on painted using acrylics in 2008 and won the Fiji Arts Council "Emerging Artist Award 2008" during the National Fine Arts Exhibition.

An artist with the Rako Art Collective, Micah plans to help kids on the island, Rotuma, explore art and make a living for themselves just as he does.

Micah Fursetafa died of a heart attack in August 2010 at the age of 25.

Paintings by Micah Fursetafa (click on to enlarge)

Forefathers Gossip Tefui




'Am-la'-se-tei Tefui