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Treena is the daughter of Barry & Seforsa Johnson (nee Foster) who reside in Sydney. Seforsa is from Itu'tiu and her parents are Jione and Emi Foster.

Australian-born, Treena Rose began her love of music and dance as a small child. Her first public performance was at the age of three performing traditional Rotuman dances. Later she performed with a Polynesian folk music group. Treena was so entranced by the music that she insisted her mother teach her to play the ukulele. Treena, her sister and cousins carried on the legacy and continued to perform in clubs and private events throughout Australia.

At the age of seven, Treena performed at the Sydney Opera House with a local choir. The same choir also recorded a single and this gave Treena her first studio experience.

When Treena turned twelve, she enrolled into the Johnny Young Talent School in Sydney, where she studied jazz, tap dancing, acting, and was tutored by a vocal coach. This well-known and widely respected educational facility produced some of Australia's best performers such as Kylie Minogue, Danni Minogue & Tina Arena. Treena soon joined the school's choir and performed at many public events.

When Treena turned fourteen, she attended SCEGGS, one of Australia's top private girls' schools, which produced recognized actors such as Sarah Wynter, with whom Treena performed in school play productions.

In response to the Polynesian influences of her upbringing, Treena developed a love for reggae and African music. As a result, she later went on to perform with various reggae bands and eventually became a background vocalist for a South African recording artist known as Thami.

After graduating high school, Treena was accepted into the University of Sydney. However, she had a strong desire to see the world first, so she deferred her studies and took an eight-month trip around the world. In her travels, Treena experienced New York City for the first time. After a one-month stay, she was impressed with the city's excitement, cultural diversity, and artistic opportunity. She knew that one day she would return.

Treena returned to Australia and her university studies, but could not resist the call of New York City. After some thought and consideration, Treena moved to New York, where she continued to pursue her recording career. The Big Apple afforded her opportunities as a vocal performer as well as appearances in various music videos for such artists as Mariah Carey, and a full-time spot as a dancer on MTV's "The Grind."

With her recording career starting to take form, Treena recently teamed up with manager Al Fuentes who's been in the music business for more than twenty years as a club DJ, radio jock, program director and artist manager for such groups as Exposé. Under the managerial direction of Al Fuentes, Treena teamed up with producer George Mena to record her first single called "Tell Me All About It," which will be released in April under Jellybean Recordings, Inc. She has recently performed her smash hit at the Winter Music Conference in Miami to crowds of adoring fans as well as music industry people.

Treena Rose is currently in the studio recording new material for her upcoming album. With the anticipated release of "Tell Me All About It," this exotic beauty of Australian and Polynesian descent may, with her tantalizing soulful voice, be the hottest recording star to emerge on the music scene.

Visit Treena's Website and hear a segment of "Tell Me All About It."

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