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Noa'ia 'e mauri!

My name is Monifa Fiu, a Marine Science graduate from the USP. Together with a number of young Rotumans here in Suva, we.have decided to start up an awareness program on the island for the young people and children in schools. Below is a list of the core group of participants, a brief about LäjeRotuma, and proposed activities for 2002.

For more information or questions contact any of us on the list. We hope to coordinate and seek the support of Rotumans through the Rotuma website.

The Rotuma Council has endorsed the proposed LäjeRotuma Initiative.and all that is mentioned in the brief. So far we have FJ $2000 to start off; however, we need assistance from anyone who believes that it is about time we Rotumans took the initiative to do something about the island environment,.especially the young people living away from home. For ways to contribute click here .

Hanisiof, Monifa Fiu

LäjeRotuma, an Initiative by Rotuman Youth

Rotuma has a total land area of about 21 square miles with at least 10 outlying isles surrounding the main island. Its isolation of some 300 miles of ocean from the rest of the Fiji Group creates a unique ecosystem, yet to be explored in terms of its resources.

The desire to help their fellow kinsmen in Rotuma, to protect and maintain their natural environment, has led to the formation of the LäjeRotuma Initiative by a group of young enthusiastic Rotumans. In its proposal, LäjeRotuma Initiative sums up environmental concerns for Rotuma today: the smaller catch in the lagoons as compared to before and a reduction in the number of fishing holes within the lagoons. Coordinator Monifa Fiu says that "people believe this is caused by the fast growing kama (coral species), and it doesn't help with the increasing use of the foreshore for irresponsible dumping of rubbish, much of which is non-biodegradable."

LäjeRotuma is an independent group of young Rotumans that has the endorsement of the Rotuma Island Council and support from Rotuman representative to government, Mrs Marieta Rigamoto. Funds to support coastal cleanup and poster education programs in the schools have been granted by the International Ocean Institute-Pacific and the World Wide Fund for Nature.

Early this year, in late January, the World Wide Fund for Nature-Fiji Country Program funded and facilitated a trainers' workshop for young volunteers as part of their commitment to train interested people on facilitation techniques and the use of participatory tools to mobilize resource owners' interest, action, commitment & responsibility for resulting activities. Following the workshop, a ten member team of volunteers, including the LäjeRotuma coordinator and two trainers, will travel to Rotuma in late February to carry out a week-long workshop. This first trip is focusing on young leaders in the communities and teachers because the target groups for LäjeRotuma are young people in villages and children in schools.

The names of the team members who left for Rotuma on 23 February 2002 to train youth leaders and teachers are:

Sidney Malo/ Monifa Fiu - Core Group members
Robert Rigamoto/Emi Tanu/Abel Camillo - Trainers
Lulu Antonio/Manueli/David/Sanimeli/Anare/ - Volunteers

For a report of the Feb-Mar workshop click here

The second trip is scheduled for school term one holidays to carry out poster education programs in the four primary schools on the island. One of LäjeRotuma's objectives is the revival of traditional sports to coincide with Rotuma cession celebrations. A coastal cleanup the week before the celebrations is an opportunity for LäjeRotuma and its volunteers to promote the spirit of community conservation and to lobby for support, especially when the communities converge in one place to celebrate.

The coordinator said "LäjeRotuma has created a wave of interest from Rotumans world-wideÖand it is great to see young people who may not live on the island but feel for their homeland.."

The second phase of the Initiative is planned for next year, but aspects of it could well begin during these visits. That is the undertaking of biological and socio-economic assessments of Rotuma that will greatly enhance our understanding of island ecosystems.

LäjeRotuma also hopes that the wider Rotuman community will support and share its vision for Rotuma.

Initiative Participants

Contact Infromation

1. Monifa Fiu (Oinafa, Noa'tau, Pepjei)

Ph: 391482 (Home)
Email: monifa_fiu@yahoo.com

Coordinator - LäjeRotuma

2. Louise Isimeli (Malhaha, Itu'muta)

Ph: 479304 (Home)
Email: puipuilouise@yahoo.com

Assistant Coordinator - LäjeRotuma

3. Dr. Eric Rafai (Itu'ti'u, Noa'tau)

Ph: 322804 (Home)

Recycle/Wastecare - Coastal Cleanup

4. Alfred Ralifo (Noa'tau)

Ph: 256542
Email: aralifo@yahoo.com

Poster Education - Educator

5. Maniue Wilson (Malhaha)

Ph: 303318 (Home)

Creative Writing - Educator

6. Nofaga Sakimi (Noa'tau, Itu'ti'u)

Ph: 386607 (Home)
Email: nsakimi@yahoo.co.uk

Energy Ð Coconut Oil Researcher, Physics, USP

7. Lisette Wilson (Oinafa, Pepjei)

Ph: 315533(Work)
Email: lwilson@wwfpacific.org.fj

WWF Coordinator - LäjeRotuma Training Package for Youth Outreach Programs

8. Rupeni Mario (Oinafa, Itu'ti'u)

Ph:381377 Ext 245 (Work)
Email: rupeni@sopac.org

Energy/ Climate Change Researcher

9. Tima Ratuki (Oinafa)

Shipping/ Finance Controller

10. Mahlon Isimeli (Malhaha)

Ph: 322880 (Home)

Information Technology

11. Jason Konrote (Pepjei, Noa'tau, Itu'muta)

Ph: 386593 (Home)

Social & Community Contact

12. Pene Samisoni (Itu'muta, Oinafa)

Ph: 387869 (Home)

Social & Community Contact

13. Reverend Vivalesi Panapasa (Oinafa, Noa'tau)

Ph: 392585 (Home)


14. Sidney Malo (Oinafa, Itu'ti'u)

Marine Studies Program USP.

Field Logistics - Marine Sciences

15. Tukaha Mua (Malhaha, Noa'tau)

Fiji One Television

Documentary Production

Profiles of LäjeRotuma Trainers

1. Rosy Ravai -- meeting people, dancing, singing, playing netball, swimming;

P.O.Box 723, Nabua
Email: s00007498@studentusp.ac.fj
Phone: 322726

2. Fekato'a Isimeli -- traveling, volleyball, swimming, singing

P.O. Box 801, Nausori,
Email: s0100933@student.usp.ac.fj
Phone: 479304 (H)

3. Kauata Fatiaki -- meeting people, singing, music, travel

P.O. Box 880, Suva
Email: misskay_82@yahoo.com.au or S00001373@student.usp.ac.fj
Phone: 315481/260487

4. Elenoa Rigamoto -- decorating, making envelopes, talanoa-ing.., gardening

P.O. Box 5033, Raiwaqa, Suva.
Email: s00006934@student.usp.ac.fj
Phone: 320570

5. Emi Tannu -- reading,, cooking, traveling, meeting people

c/o Suva Bookshop
P.O. Box 17097
Suva. Phone: 394156 (H) 311355(W)

6. Ieli Raki -- dancing, traveling, rugby, basketball

c/o Churchward Chapel Hall

7. Frank Montu -- music-solo!, rugby, volleyball, netball

P.O Box 11117
Laucala Beach Estate.
Phone: 390399 (H), 477706 (S)

8. Robert Rigamoto -- tarakoro..,volleyball, rugby, music

GPO Box 15379, Suva.
Email: s97008252@student.uso.ac.fj
Phone: 395879/ 680816

9. Rosarine Rigamoto -- drawing, reading, sleeping**

P.O. Box 5033, Raiwaqa, Suva.

10. Abel Camillo -- jogging, rugby, outdoor activities, movies, reading, meeting people.

227 Ratu Sukuna Road, Suva.
Phone: 302661

11. Monifa Fiu -- diving, traveling, meeting people, reading, gardening, sleeping**

P.O. Box 10816, Laucala Beach Estate
Email: monifa_fiu@yahoo.com or lajerotuma@hotmail.com
Phone: 391482 (H)

12. Ruth Isimeli

13. Daniel Vilsoni

I. Title of Project: LäjeRotuma Initiative 2002

II. Project Category: Environmental Marine Community Awareness and Development Program for Rotuma.

III. Project Location: Rotuma Island - a 43sq.km volcanic island situated in the SW Pacific, about 465km N of Fiji.

IV. Project Goal: To protect the surrounding ocean, coral reefs, beaches and its fragile island ecosystem.

V. Project Target Group: The Young people of Rotuma

VI. LäjeRotuma Initiative 2002 Objectives:

1. Celebrate the small percent of earth: Rotuma; this is to coincide with global events such as Earth Day, International Coastal Cleanup Day.

2. In response to environmental concerns raised by the islanders: smaller catch as compared to before (inshore fisheries); reduction in the number of fishing holes within the lagoon, clogged by an unknown fast-growing coral species locally known as kama; and the degradation of the coastal environment by irresponsible dumping of rubbish (bottles, plastics, cans) on the foreshore.

VII. LäjeRotuma Initiative 2002 Planned Activities:

According to Objective 1:

A. A round-the-island coastline cleanup be organized, involving the youth in villages and students in schools.

B. Thanksgiving/ Sports Day; to coincide with Rotuma Island May celebrations. Revival of the traditional water sport sua vaka (canoeing) and the communal fishing practices which promote long-term sustainability of inshore fisheries and that of the community spirit.

C. Craft Fair to exhibit traditional fishing gear & educational materials LäjeRotuma used in its awareness programs.

According to Objective 2:

A. Educational Environmental Marine Awareness Programs in the 14 villages and 5 schools on the island.
i) Poster Education in the 4 Primary schools on the island

ii) Poster Education/ Creative Writing in Rotuma High School

iii) For Youth Outreach Programs, have evening video sessions in the 14 villages during the first phase.

VIII. Project Duration: February -- December 2002.

IX. Beneficiaries of LäjeRotuma Initiative 2002: all Rotumans.

To evaluate the significance of LäjeRotuma Initiative 2002, it is hoped that this becomes an annual event where effective monitoring for positive change become a reality.

X. LäjeRotuma Initiative 2002 has the support of:

  • Rotuma Island Council and the wider Rotuman community;
  • International Ocean Institute IOI- Pacific Islands;
  • Rotuma High School;
  • World Wide Fund for Nature WWF- Pacific;
  • The 4 Primary Island Schools;
  • Department of Environment, Fiji Islands.

LäjeRotuma Initiative 2002 Component Module

Componet 1. Training Trainers (Fiji) LajeRotuma

Objectives: To train volunteers of LajeRotuma to assist in its awareness programs on Rotuma.

Actions: Training Trainers (TT) Workshop

Outcome: Be familiar with the Training Package LajeRotuma to use on the island.

Description: 3-day intensive training workshop

Potential Partners: WWF/LajeRotuma

Time Frame: January 2002

Costs: WWF-funded

Coordinators: WWF/ LajeRotuma (Lisette Wilson)

Donors: WWF

Component 2. Training Trainers (Rotuma) -- Youth leaders & teachers

Objectives: - To identify potential young leaders whom LajeRotuma could use as educators in its outreach programs. Raise awareness about the island environment.

Actions: TT Workshop (Field-oriented)

Outcome: Be familiar with LajeRotuma's objectives; be trained and more aware of their island environment to be able to protect the resources in question.

Description: 5-day field oriented workshop held at Rotuma High School

Potential Partners: WWF/LajeRotuma

Time Frame: Feb? (late)

Costs: $1000

Coordinators: LajeRotuma (Monifa/Louise)

Donors: WWF

Component 3. Evening (video) sessions

Objectives: Through visual aid, create awareness/ point out the significance of a coastal cleanupÖEDUCATION in the villages.

Actions: Video sessions

Outcome: In social-friendly surroundings, meet with the young people in the villages

Description: Visit 2 villages per evening to cover 14 villages spanning 7 districts.

Potential Partners: Rotuma Council/ LajeRotuma

Time Frame: April

Costs: $250

Coordinators: LajeRotuma/ Youth leaders

Donors: Funding to be sought

Component 4. Coastal Cleanup

Objectives: - To remove debris -- To collect valuable information on the amount & type of debris and to use the information collected to effect positive change.

Actions: coordinated round-the-island coastline cleanup. Sort out the debris & record the debris data.

Outcome: Community effort for a cleaner, beautiful coastline. Coordinate with recyclers about the debris. Determine the level of pollution along the coastline.

Description: A dawn cleanup of the coastline at each village setup/ previously identified cleanup areas.

Potential Partners: Rotuma Council/ Youth leaders/Teachers/ IOI/CORAL/PADI.

Time Frame: 15-22 April

Costs: $1000

Coordinators: LajeRotuma (Eric Rafai)

Donors: Funding to be sought

Component 5. Four Primary Schools

Objectives: Educate the children about the island environment. Raise awareness about: Aquarium (live fish/coral) trade; general reef ecology; threats; opportunities; Rotuma's biodiversity & its cultural significance; Tourism/development.

Actions: Poster inter-school competition; education programs

Outcome: Posters--better understanding by the children & more aware of their island environment.

Description: Three days organised for teachers & students with activities according to each poster theme.

Potential Partners: Parents/ LajeRotuma/ PADI AWARE

Time Frame: Term 1 school holidays

Costs: $1000

Coordinators: Headteachers/ LajeRotuma (Alfred Ralifo)

Donors: IOI - partly funded

Component 6. Sports Day/Rotuma Cession Day

Objectives: Celebration to promote long-term sustainability of inshore fisheries eg. Traditional use of the canoe & other traditional fishing gear. Promote the visions of LajeRotuma with the island community.

Actions: - Thanksgiving Service

  • Sua vaka (canoeing) competition
  • Hagoat vao
  • Craft Fair of traditional fishing gear & display of LajeRotuma resource materials.

Outcome: In celebration of Rotuma's history, promote the spirit of local community-conservation.

Description: LajeRotuma organises the display whilst Rotuma Council coordinates the Sports Day.

Potential Partners: Tag'aga Canoe Club/ LajeRotuma

Time Frame: May 13

Costs: $1000

Coordinators: Rotuma Council

Donors: Funding to be sought

Component 7. Rotuma High School

Objectives: Educate about the island environment. Raise awareness with issues mentioned (see Primary School Component).

Actions: Poster inter-form competition; creative writing (open category)

Outcome: (3) Posters. Identify the level of creativity in students

Description: To fit into school life, LajeRotuma to have sessions with classes in consultation with Principal & the school timetable.

Potential Partners: Rotuma High School/IOI/WWF

Time Frame: (late) June semester break

Costs: $1000

Coordinators: Principal/ LajeRotuma (Maniue Vilsoni)

Donors: IOI-partly funded

Component 8. Youth Outreach Programs

Objectives: A follow up of the Evening (Video) sessions

Actions: Field-oriented awareness programs

Outcome: Better informed & equipped young people of the community

Description: To fit into the community life; at least 2 days spent in each district.

Potential Partners: Rotuma Council/ WWF/ DAI AWARE/ CORAL

Time Frame: (late) July

Costs: $1400

Coordinators: Identified Youth Leaders/ LajeRotuma

Donors: WWF-partly funded

Component 9. Second Coastal Cleanup

Objectives: Follow up-monitor the level of pollution along the coastline during a 6-month period

Actions: An initiative by the young villagers in their communities, to coordinate the cleanup

Outcome: Empowered young people, responsible for their home island environment

Description: LajeRotuma distributes $100/district for refreshments to volunteers during the cleanup.

Potential Partners: Youth Leaders/CORAL/LajeRotuma

Time Frame: October Fiji Day

Costs: $700

Coordinators: LajeRotuma (Eric Rafai)

Donors: Funding to be sought

Component 10. Report Compilation/Documentation/Presentation

Objectives: To update the community & inform of what LajeRotuma achieved on the island

Actions: Feature stories in newspaper, radio, television

Outcome: Report; Documentary video of LajeRotuma Initiative 2002

Description: Editing of videos compiled during 2002

Potential Partners: Fiji One/ SPC/Pasifika Communications

Time Frame: Nov- Dec

Costs: $10,000

Coordinators: LajeRotuma (Tukaha Mua & Core Group)

Donors: Funding to be sought

Training of Trainers
LajeRotuma Initiative 2002
Kesaia Tabunakawai
Coordinator Ð Fiji Partnerships in Conservation & Development
January 2002
LajeRotuma Training of Trainer request:
The request to train Rotuma youth as community trainers to WWF was made to the Fiji Country Program through the Regional Marine Coordination office, to which the LajeRotuma Initiative 2002 directed their request.
The coordinator of the LajeRotuma 2002 Intiative, Monifa Fiu met with WWF SPP Regional Marine Coordinator Lisette Wilson and the Country Manager Fiji Kesaia Tabunakawai on December 21st.
Purpose of the meeting was to discuss the purpose of the training, work out a training budget and discuss the nature of the training program.
The Fiji Country Manager accepted the request and committed the country office to undertaking the training in January 2002; and to providing a framework for training to Lisette and Monifa as basis for discussions of the LajeRotuma Initiative Committee in early January.
WWF SPP Fiji Country Program rationale for involvement :
As facilitators of community awareness on natural resource use through resource appraisals, assessments and resource use planning, staff of the Fiji Country Program are committed to training interested people on facilitation techniques and use of participatory tools to mobilize resource owner interest, action, commitment and ownership of resulting activities.
Training undertaken to date by staff as a party of the training groups include training of representatives of selected ngos and government departments through the testing of the ECOWOMAN PLA Manual; Forestry Officers of the East Timor Interim Government; Women community trainers from Navakasobu and Korovuli.
Rotuma is administratively part of Fiji and as such part of the Fiji Country Program. This represents a first step in providing some input to sustainable resource management on Rotuma.
Outcome of Training and sustainable natural resource management:
Training to be conducted is expected to contribute in the long run to the sustainable management of terrestrial and marine resources of Rotuma.
The Suva based Rotume youths will be trained who in turn will train their counterparts and kinsmen on mainland Rotuma. Acquired skills and knowledge are transmitted during consecutive trainings. In this way, this first training is contributing in part to the mobilization of resources towards the sustainable use and management of natural resources on Rotuma.
Purpose of Fiji Country Program involvement:
1. To develop an appropriate training programme
2. To implement the training programme to enable skills & knowledge transfer to trainees through theory sessions and practical sessions
3. Evaluate effectiveness of training delivery through trainees grasp of the concepts of PLA/PRA; process and methods and understanding of and application of tools
1. Appropriate training schedule
2. 15 Rotuma Youths with levels of knowledge, skill & expertise in facilitation of community resource use planning improved and enhanced
3. Process document of conduct of training -- as guide to youth trainees
1.1 STATUS OF COMMUNITY'S RESOURCE ( terrestrial and marine)
1. Mapping Ð CRCD 21 (2 hrs )
2. Transect walk - CRCD 22 (4hrs)
3. Forest/Marine Product Exercise Ð CRCD 17 (2 hrs)
4. Community Timeline Ð CRCD 24 ( 4 hrs)
5. Seasonal Calendar Ð CRCD 25 (2 hrs)
1.2 COMMUNITY (Understanding the make up and dynamics)
1. Community Institutions Ð CRCD 26 (1 hr)
2. Relationship charting Ð CRCD 27 (1 hr)
3. Community Economics Ð CRCD 28 (3 hrs)
1.3 CONCERNS & SOLUTIONS (identifying problems & devising solutions)
1. Defining the problem Ð CRCD 11 (2 hrs)
2. Concerns and opportunities Ð CRCD 12 (1 hr)
3. Stakeholder Analysis Ð CRCD 13 (2 hrs)
4. Root Cause Analysis Ð CRCD 14 (3 hrs)
5. Shared vision Ð CRCD 34 (3 hrs)
6. Community values Ð CRCD 30 (1 hr)
7. Community Resource Policy Ð CRCD 34 (4 hrs)
8. Assessment of Management OptionsÐ CRCD 35 (4 hrs)
9. Fishbone Exercise Ð CRCD 36 (2 hrs)
10. Community Action Plans Ð CRCD 37 ( 4hrs

WWF Training Trainers Workshop Participants

How to Contribute

Anyone interested in volunteering their time should contact any of the core members.. The schedule of events may change, but it should provide a baseline for working out a holiday schedule.

To contribute money to the LajeRotuma Initiative:

1. Account name: Lajerotuma
2. Account number: 5753200
3. Bank: ANZ
4. Branch: ANZ House, Suva, Fiji
The funds can be sent direct to the bank.
If the country you are sending the funds from needs a swift code then the code is as follows:
This is to be followed by the account details as stated above.
For further clarification please do not hesitate to drop me a line.
Timaima Lonergan Ratuki
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