Mom's Organic Garden

By Maniue Vilsoni (15th Aug, 2007, Al Ain, United Arab Emirate)

Moira in garden
Moira in her mother's vegetable garden, 'Ahau 2000

Mom had green fingers
she cultivated with passion:
tall rows of bindi were flanked with red capsicum,
chillies 'n' eggplants bordered her plots,
 lines of leafy cabbages made way for the lettuce stalks,
she'd let the curly bean tendrils climb high with joy;
 we had them all, fresh salads
from mom's mixed-veggie
organic garden
at 'Ahau, only twenty metres from the sea.

An afterthought: Let's revive the Rotuma May Day Women's veggie display!

Vika in UAE market
Vika buying veggies, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates