by Ortega Marseu

Born & bred in Sauhata, in the beautiful district of Oinafa,
Crystal clear sea waters surrounding the unspoilt islands of Haua,

Snow white sandy beach of Islepi, the only place where people like to come for picnics,
Unwind, distress under the trees, falling asleep from the scents of hoas pene'isi,

Growing up surrounded by our Mapigas, mua'ak te rak'ak te backed up by their wisdoms,
As the sun sets for another day, they tell us tales of giants till we snore away,

The friendly smiles of the people, living their life in simple,
Haharagi tauna' la re 'ia 'iom kau ta, faeag mane'ak, kaha'ak te ma ahae'akia te ne au ta,

The best picnic spots in the island, Haf 'on Ros, Roro & Fu li'u are one of their kind,
Yarning under the niu hu & hi fau trees, pas lon ma a'fain ke kihkihi,

From Marama to Mal'ia, Far ta to Vaimomoko & Lopta, fup famori figalelei ma se mao'akia, la hanis ma haisoag se 'os 'Itu'ta,

No matter where I go, what the world has in store for me,
Where the river of life may flow, i will remain loyal to OINAFA
'Ereko 'ae 'otou FATUMANAVA.