Paptea School

by Ortega Marseu

I remember my primary school days full of good & bad memories
Paptea District school showed me the way that all those should be cherished

2203 forever stamped in my heart as you walk up the stairs to enlightened your mind sitting in the classroom looking & feeling and smart until you get your multiplication wrong and you meet MR. HOSE PIPE

Staring at the teacher with full concentration but your mind is outside thinking of recess time should i play kau mo'mo', sit and play hiok or la' la li' mapor but since im scared of the 'ipes, ill stay back and do my correction

Our teachers, Madam Misau leading the pack always keeping us straight in line, Madam Voi through her specs have her eyes on those at the back Madam Rina teaches us the 123 while Master Arone keeps us alert with his famous hose pipe

We burn the tracks in our white and pink with a record of trophies of being the best disciplined but dont mess with us during exams because we will be flying high in our plane while you catching up to us in your pram wishing you were in our place

Time flies when you enjoy yourself life goes on and memories fade away Paptea District school where my heart i left will be forever in my bones till they break away