Are we really really one?

By Maniue Vilsoni (18 September 2007 , Al Ain, United Arab Emirates)

Graham Dewes (middle) raises his right hand in salute to the fans

Third Strand?

Don't you dare give me that!
we've been here from the very start;
the Kairotuma and his Kaiviti bro
huagto'a and kaukamea
destined to share:
Viti kei Rotuma
Blessing Grant O God of Nations
Tei-vo-vo! Tei-vo-vo!
UNIFIL postings

Indigenous indignation   
NBF kaput
Vatukoula uncertainty
Coup after ku-ku coup
the whole potpourri of Fijiana-ness.   
- see that beaut of a Dewes feller backing that Gauan terror
shoulder to shoulder
in the Flying Fijian rugby phalanx
we're one!

- read the worry lines etched on mapiga's face
as the cashier totals the grocery bill
in the queue at Shop 'n Save
we're one!

- scan the names on the birth certificates
applaud the Polynesian mix
hyphenated surnames
intricately woven with a Tata-levu fix
we're one!

- hear the polotu lyrics tug at your heart
cry those non-crocodile tears, repent
be God-fearing, value life
we're one!

- dream the dream of the grassrooters
of Bulou-ni-Ceva salvage
 non-harassment of Fiji's see-jay,
 F-Herman 'n innocent kai-rotuma offspring!
we're one!

- so stop the po-li-ti-ki and the bloody-hell spin
just play honest cricket 'cause
Viti kei Rotuma was never meant to be trampled on
like it was nothing;

are we really really one?