‘Anak, huwag kalimutan ang delikadesa, hmm’. Child, don’t forget your Delikadesa.
(Nanay Emma Pastorizo)

Delikadesa by Mere Taito

Elegance sees, 
trusts her reflection
in the darkness of Bushell’s
and cup of Ceylon,
without screech or halt
Slips smoothly down scalding silver
Sure of a fate without
Scorch or bland

pats an immaculate chignon
The moment a hafa dancer
Curls her fingers
Gingerly bends her knees
Turns with stillness
Tucking her legs beneath her thighs

Lifts and arches a haughty brow
To  the quiet steps of a demure virgin
The lust of righteous collars
And traditional men

Tauts the muscle beneath her chin
when courted maidens
Shyly look away
Veiling tiny toothless smiles
Behind Indian spun cotton

A pinch for complexion
A nod for the defeat of flaws
Curt approval of
Long slender fingers twinning
Themselves around the shaft of a biro
Riding rollers of dips, curves and scrawls
Without wild,
And admirably