There is a fifth dimension beyond those known to man. It is a dimension vast as space and timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between the pit of his fears and the summit of his knowledge.  This is the dimension of imagination.
(Rod Sterling – TV writer, producer, The Twilight Zone)

Captain Edwards and Kirkirsasa by Mere Taito

outsmarted the bite of rocks and
Deceitful shallow beds
Found the Grenville
Mocking those who clung to buoy and beacon
Felled a giant with scarlet veneers
Without sling or arrow
Shaming David and Troy

If they had met.
If pages of their legends touched.
If their gods sought each other’s counsel and allowed it.
If his space crept into hers and she looked.
If he heard her in his footsteps and stopped.
If they fell into the same pool of time and gasped! into each other.

What would she reach for first?
His buttons or his eyes?
His pipe or shoulders?
His shoes or trembling hands?
His compass or heart?


What of the captain?
What would he want to touch first?
The flowers in her hair or her hair?
The giant’s tooth nestled below the hollow of her throat or the plume of her lip?
Her grass skirt or her face?
The questions in her eyes or her heart?

Would they quiver?
stare at their goose bumps in wonder?
Would, Maui and Raho,
wish the same trembling for themselves?
Would women today harass
all captains, searching for an Edwards?
And men,
Would they overturn all rocks, lose themselves in caves
Searching for the secrets of her tattoo?

The mutineer-hunting Captain of the H.M.S Pandora
his tattooed armpit beauty Kirkirsasa!