Why Eve cannot eat an apple and I can?
Why daddy?
(Tarusila Reijieli Marina Taito. 4 yrs)

Linkletter’s High by Mere Taito

Aunty Mere, who owns you?
My mummy and daddy
Your mapigas in America and New Zealand.
Nohhhhhh! You mad?!
Then who owns me?
God owns you.
My daddy said God made evvvry everything
All the things.
So God made me?
Yes.  God made you.
He made your hair.
Your eyes.
Your legs.
Your do-do.
Your bum – bum
and your pepe.
My whaaat?
Your pepe and bum bum!
If he did not make you a pepe and bum bum,
You would not be able to peepee and pooh pooh
And then your stamaph will be sore
And you will have to go to the doctor
Evvvry everyday for an injection
He must have come first in his class.
He is cleverer eh?
I am shortsighted and have straight hair
He didn’t do such a great job.
Whats shortsighted means?
It means you have bad eyes, can’t see properly
And have to wear this awful thing.
And why you don’t like straight hair?
It’s not curly.
You should have listened to Mapiga
When she told you to eat your carrots and bread crust.
See my hair, see, see!
It’s curly because I eat all my bread crust.
You know my Nau Mili,
She has very hard hair. Man, her hair is soo hard!
One day she comb and pull so hard like this
That her stick comb broke!
Why my hair soft and Nau Mili’s hard?
Because your father is Rotuman.
Is my mother a Rotuman?
Because Why?
Because she’s not! - That’s all!
Mapiga said you smart
Because you a lekerer
At a school for big peoples
He is a liar!
You are not smart!
Are you Rotuman aunty?
Are all Rotumans not smart like you?
Then I don’t want to be Rotuman
Because I want to come first in my class
Like God.