Hopo was an Australian Aborigine who lived in Noa‘tau district. It was his habit to begin a kou‘a but he would leave when the hard work had to be done. He would return to eat after the food was cooked and taken out of the oven.
(Elisapeti Inia)

Ma‘piga and Hopo by Mere Taito

You there when Hopo struck Fuata
With his didgeridoo and boomeranged
Him with his chocolate arm?
Were you?

the missionary,
a graceful giant of Polynesia, gently rise,
Dust Darwin off his starched collar and fireball
Hopo with the sling of David?
Did he?

Hopo dazed and stunned when he
Goliathly crumbled into the bosoms
Of Uluru and the arms of the reverend?
Was he?

Is it true?

The palms of the loin clothed nomad
Of Miligimbi and my grandfather
Clasp and
in firm friendship?

Is it?

Weave me this hanuju.
I was not there.