Red and blue send-off

By Maniue Vilsoni (July 22, 2007, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates)

August morn
 on one-way Honson Street,
Flagstaff birds chirped
a wedding dit-ty;
our six-pack knit
 of a nuclear family,
was contemplative, semi-ready
tippy-toe on matrimonial feet.

Then a red 'n' blue mob
of cheery greet
mid-morning feat;

Hurrah to the bride!
as she bid a retreat
from parental bonds
and kainaga critique.

Hurrah to the bride!
so, so touching
this red-fire rugby retinue.

We were ever-ready!

Moira's Wedding

Moira Vilsoni's send-off on 9th August 2003 by the Marist Brother's High School's 1st XV