Motusa Isthmus – eureka!

By Maniue Vilsoni (23rd July, 2007, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates)

Maka side of the Motusa isthmus
(216 metres wide from one low tide mark to the other - across the school ground)

Mohan Narottam's store
is there no more;
just a stump of a post
and a relic of a business ghost,
the era of
 buoyant trading
 on Motusa isthmus. 

Morris Hedstrom's door
is there no more;
just nutty memories
of that hole in the shop floor
where mister plum-putini 'n' bomb
would eye the skirts
through their secret peep-hole
'n' visually devour.

The company jetty on Maka side
is there no more;
a line of rocks
in the tranquil waters of the bay
are telltale signs
of a once busy quay
which saw 'xmas stock
of salted corned beef
rolled ashore
in wooden barrels
with fastened steel bands
"Made in Ki-wi!"

That ice-cream parlour
of an RCA store
is there no more;
once-upon a time a crispy cone
with an icy-creamy dome
was pure lip-sucking bliss
for the runny-nosed kid
sent on an errand
in the stifling noon-tide heat.

The clowns of old
are there no more;
that grand dame from Mofmoiro way
across the school ground
in sheer spontaneity
to whims 'n' whams
of free 'n' self-expression.

Impulsive ay?
but life on the isthmus
was super special
in every way!
the catch of unicorn fish would be shared,
a school of beached ro
would mean let's summon the kin,
reciprocity was supreme;
even beer could be booked
from the Barfly Inn.  

These are sweet memories
of a past
that I re-live;
each milli-second I click
to the google earth map
'n' flick,
Mag-ni-fi-cent Motusa Isthmus,

Motusa Isthmus from space
Rotuma Isthmus from Google Earth