The name of Polynesia, meaning ‘many islands’ defines the part of the Pacific which lies inside a triangle made by drawing lines on the map to enclose Hawai‘i, Easter island and New Zealand. The triangle has Tahiti near its center and Samoa, Tonga toward the east.
(Anthony Alpers)

The Polynesian Triangle by Mere Taito

The noble gentleman
is scornful and fuming!
shielding his theorem
from this retarded scalene


The mischief and mystery
of Bermuda
Potency and point
of the Pent’
Longevity and legs
of an octa’
Fidelity and foe
of an ‘elogram
Infinity and curves
of a circle
Propriety and righteousness
of a square


Quite unforgivably,
Yes indeed
Atrociously unintelligent
Truth be told,

Co-ordinates of the Grenville Isles!