The Steel Guitar Man - Down Memory Lane

by Margie Bentley-Hazelman

The years have come and gone
But the memories are still strong
He played at The Yacht Club, He played at The Town Hall,
He played at family gatherings, He played at them all

At the age of fifteen, he tried his hand
On the Steel Guitar from a Hawaiian crew man
It was the first time he’d heard such a beautiful tune
In Rotuma, the Hawaiian trio played by the light of the moon

He was well known, Alf Bentley and His Islanders
A gifted band of musicians, singers and dancers
Their names were Hae, Elaisa, Wayne, Jimmy and Mickey
And Alf Bentley their leader, hmmmm, he was picky

I remember day after day, night after night
He would listen to Bill Wolfgram and Sol Ho’opi’I
He would practice and practice ‘till he got it just right
And he played that steel guitar with all his might

His elder son Homer, now a grown man
Took after his father, with a great musical hand
Many years later and more family musicians I’ll say
Uncle Kamoe joined the clan and man can he play

And so in ending, let’s not forget
The rest of his loving family, Homer, Randolph, Chrissie, Rita and Margaret
And the most important love of his life
Fatnefau Tiurotuma Fatiaki-Bentley, his wonderful wonderful wife