This open letter is to inform all Rotumans throughout the world of the Rotuma Division of the Fiji Methodist Church intention to open the Methodist Church Conference (Solevu) in 2006.

Towards this end it has been decided by the Annual Meeting of the Division in Rotuma this year to seek funds via voluntary donations from Rotumans & Friends throughout the world. The aim of this mission is contained in a Rotuma Methodist Church Division of Fiji resolution named PROJECT MANNA.

This project recognises the divine blessings and grace on the Rotuman people allover the world since the time of our forefathers, and since the advent of Christianity in our Rotuman isles. If we feel that we have been most fortunate in our history and in our recent development--nationally, community & family-wise, or at the level of individual living--then we should embrace the intentions of Project Manna; for it is our means of us mortals committing ourselves to the Almighty for his love and protection of the Rotuman people and the isles of Rotuma, the isles that would forever remain the land of Rotuma for all Rotumans throughout the world!

Project Manna facilitates this Rotuman worldwide thanksgiving. It seeks to fortify and consolidate our Rotumanese, and to integrate the Rotuman spirit on this earth into one coherent effort of expression. In brief, Project Manna identifies and reinforces our being Rotumans!

It asks only for voluntary commitment to a unit or part of a unit (1 unit = $F1OOO) from individuals, groups, clubs, families, and communities; it seeks your expression of love and community spirit; it provides an opportunity worldwide for a unique identification with other Rotumans; and it requests all to please/figalelei be part of Project Manna.

We believe that in the spirit of Christian service, the Rotuman spirit of community and togetherness is strengthened always. We are Methodists, or we are Catholics, or we are AOG, or we are SDA, and we are what we are, Christians; but in essence we are all Rotumans!

For further information about Project Manna see the attached cover letter and description of the project (pdf files in Rotuman). Since the Rotuman association with the Methodist Church of Fiji & Rotuma we have not opened the Solevu of the Methodist Conference. It is strongly felt that this is our opportune time. The aim is to open the Conference in 2006 with $1 million! Let us with the grace of our Lord be unanimous in our intention to make a difference in the 2006 Solevu. Let us think of all our Rotuman elders who have passed through and passed on from this life. [See June 2006 update]

Our prayer is that we remain strong together in the spirit of Project Manna in remembrance of our two past Rotuman Presidents, the Rev. George Nakaora and the Rev. Dr. Jione Langi, and indeed of all Rotuman Reverends and laymen allover the world!

And what of the money to be collected by the Methodist Church of Fiji & Rotuma? This is secure and will be used (as in past years) for many church projects in Fiji and Rotuma.

The funds are used mainly for the :.

  • Dilkusha Home for orphans at Davuilevu.
  • many social self-help projects of the church.
  • support of the church's many educational and training programmes at Davuilevu.
  • funding of the church's many projects throughout the year.
  • support of the church's many youth and social welfare programmes.
  • etc, etc

If we have lingering doubts on funds usage and security please be assured that the church has a reputable auditor and proper facility in accounting, transparency, and accountability. We have confidence in the wisdom of the church leadership, as we have confidence also in the leadership of the Rotuma Division of the church.

For any pledges/commitments of units please either:

  • make this directly by surface mail to the Churchward Chapel Treasurer Fauoro Vilsoni
    (address given in attachment) OR.
  • e-mail to your pledge for a Unit, or two, or three, etc. Give your name and contact address that we may forward the information to the Churchward Chapel Secretariat and hence properly acknowledge and make due recognition of your pledge and subsequent donation with entry into the Project Manna Register.

A record is kept here at Churchward Head Office of the donations from all parts of the world. Your name.will be entered into the Rotuma Methodist Church Division 2006 Solevu Register. Through the Rotuma website and/or e-mail, you will be kept informed of up-to-date news about Project Manna.

So please download a pledge form and make a pledge. Be yourself also an agent of this worldwide Rotuman effort. Inform your friends about Project Manna. Empower them with the free will for donating a unit, or part of a unit! Be a Project Manna Person.

Please do not hesitate to make enquiries through the above e-mail address. We shall be most happy to oblige with general news and developments regarding Project Manna in the times ahead.

Until we meet again, Noaia ma alalum aus atakoa e hanis on Gagaja e rere. Aitu la ma aus e omus kaunohoga, e omus garue, ma e omus mauri.

Fauoro Vilsoni
(Tuirara. Churchward Chapel)

Alfred Tuatoko
(Chairlnan. Finance Committee)