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The Inaugural Wilson Inia Day
18 August 2011


Gagaj Kausiriaf speaking


Gagaj Kausiriaf, the District Chief of Oinafa, spoke in his capacity as the manager of the High School. He thanked the Chief Guest for her presence and also the preparation and effort put in by the Principal, Staff members and Students of Rotuma High School.




The paramount Chief of Rotuma, Gagaj Maraf (Solomone), also spoke as he was a student of Wilson Inia and later part of the pioneering teachers of 1958. Gagaj Maraf was very sentimental recounting very fond memories of the past, highlighting Wilson Inia’s achievements in the high school, in the Methodist Church, and the Rotuma Cooperative Association.




Present as well was Sarote Nofaga (nee Ralifo), the other surviving pioneer teacher of 1958.






Gagaj Fakaruitoag, the District Chief of Malha‘a, also spoke as the High School was situated in his district.




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