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The Inaugural Wilson Inia Day
18 August 2011

La‘os (Visiting Delegations)

1. Savlei

The hanua (village) of Savlei and with their Chief (Gagaj Irao), and Gagaj Markao, the district chief of Itu‘ti‘u, was part of a traditional delegation that presented a koua to the school. The koua (food baked in an earth oven) consisted of a heifer (cow), pigs, taro, a carton corned beef, and a kava plant.

The delegation accompanied Mrs Susana Tevita and formally presented her as the chief guest in the inaugural Wilson Inia Day.

Susana Tevita and Gagaj Irao during the la‘o presentation
Gagaj Taimanav on behalf of the school receives the Savlei delegation
The huge koua

2. Noa‘tau

Noa‘tau was the second tranditional delegation, the district where Mr Wilson Inia hailed from. It was an impressive one consisting of a la‘fa led by Gagaj Maraf, Gagaj Tokoar, Gagaj Urakmat and Gagaj Fonman.

The la‘o consist of koua of a heifer, pigs, taro, a carton corned beef and kava plant. Hangata Sanimel led the la‘ hani with a presentation of an apei and mats.
The Noa‘tau la‘o and Gagaj Maraf
The Noa‘tau delegation with their huge koua

3. Island Council

The Rotuma Island Council delegation was led by Gagaj Kausiriӓf and Chairman Mr. Tarterani Rigamoto, the la‘o consisted of a pig and taros.

4. Gagaj Fakaruitoag

The district chief of Malha‘a, Gagaj Fakaruitoag, also presented a koua as the Rotuma High School is situated within the village of Elsio, Malha‘a.

5. Rotuma High School

The staff and students of Rotuma High School presented a koua and a variety of dishes of beef curry, beef stew, beef palau (Indian dish), chop-suey and beef in ‘ikou (taro leaves).

The menu was quite popular which fed the 1000 plus strong crowd present on that day.

The Rotuma High School koua being presented by Joshua Olsen of Malha‘a, a Form 3 student.
Oscar Kamilo, a Form 3 student concluded the presentation of the high school la'o

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