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Archived News: July 1997

From Marlon Isimeli in Suva (31 July, 1997)

Leanne Vaivao, daughter of John and Kafoa Vaivao (from Nadi), won the Miss Bula Beauty contest and also took the Miss Charity crown last weekend, Saturday, July 26th. Last year's winner of the Miss Bula crown was Tupou Wilson, daughter of Aleki and Firomena Wilson, currently residing in Vatukoula.Tupou is now a final year medical student in FSM.

Other events to look forward to are the Rotuman games, to be held on the western side, either in Lautoka or Nadi.

From Seferosa Croker in Sweden (July 29, 1997)

Greetings from Sweden! Everybody here is fine here, at least the few Rotumans that live here. We have moved back to Europe from Thailand since my husband's contract there is over. My husband is working in Tallinn, Estonia, and my daughter and I are in Sweden. At the end of this week we leave for Tallinn and then later to Germany since he will be working there afterwards. Our base is in Sweden, but I am not sure yet which country we will end up in. Before we left Thailand we made a trip to the north of Thailand and to Laos. I never thought that there is a Rotuman living in Laos until I read the message on the message board.

There are four Rotumans living in Sweden including me: one lives in the same town as I do, two others live in Stockholm and the forth one about three hours drive from me. This year we haven't had a meeting yet; its something we used to do before I left for Thailand. We'll see if there will be anything later this year. I usually stay with a Rotuman guy living here when I come on holiday. We've had a few barbecues, which is the closest we can come to a lovo-koua.

Noa'ia to all the Rotumans out there from our small Rotuman community in Sweden !!

Hanisiof, Seforosa Crocker

From Marie Dickinson in Sydney (July 10, 1997)

Lorraine Tizard Vareoe, daughter of Josefa & Juria Rigamoto, was in Sydney for a week on her way to Fiji for her dad's 90th birthday, which was celebrated last Saturday, July 5th. Lorraine lives in England with her husband, Richard, and children (Bruce & Tiare). Congratulations to Uncle Josefa on this milestone.

Melissa Williams has been elected to the position of International Student Officer of her University. She represents the international students at her Uni and keeps in contact with international student officers from other Universities around Australia. Issues concerning international students in Australia are discussed via meetings and conferences which all international student officers attend.

Ieli Irava in 1987 when he was Headmaster of Rotuma High School

We were very sorry to hear about the death of Lavenia Kaurasi earlier this month in Suva. Lavenia and Ieli Irava, who also died earlier this year, were outstanding educators who contributed much to the educational and occupational successes of the Rotuman people.




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