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Archived News: September 2000

From Fijilive (26 September 2000)

According to an article from the Fiji Daily Post, posted on Fijilive, Walter Rigamoto has been appointed Secretary to the Constitutional Review Commission. He is reported as saying, "The task is a serious and a tough one but I am optimistic about it."

From Mika Taito in San Jose, California (16 September 2000)

On Saturday, August 26th, we drove 12 hours from San Jose, California to Gervais, Oregon to attend the wedding of Pedro Rigamoto's daughter Mandy to Calvin Miller.

A koua with fekei, puatkau, 'a'ana plus a Rotuman tefui was prepared.

Sumasafu Rupeni (Pedro's cousin) and the han mane'ak su, Makrao Mario, accompanied the entourage.

I was reunited with my uncle, Fereti Sheffet, his wife Lesieli Lilo, and their three kids, and with Julliet Sheffet and family. Despite the long drive it was worth the trip. A joyous and fun-filled occasion.

Seen on TV by Tieri and Bruce Tizard-Varcoe in London (16 September 2000): Dr Robin Mitchell handing out medals to swimmers at the olympic games in Sydney. Does anyone know of any other Rotumans participating in the games?
From Marlon Isimeli in Suva (12 September 2000)

Two Rotumans have received scholarships to undertake their Master's degrees in England. Here is the story as it appeared in the Fiji Daily Post:

Fiji 3 get UK scholarships

THE British Government, under the British Chevening Scholarship scheme has awarded six scholarships to recipients from Fiji, Kiribati, Palau and the Federated States of Micronesia for the year 2000/2001. Three recipients from Fiji, Katarina Atalifo, Elizabeth Erasito, and Joann Young will undertake fully funded post graduate studies in different universities around Britain.

Ms Erasito, the Research/Public Relations Officer at the Natural Trust of Fiji will undertake an MSc in Tourism, Conservation and Sustainable Development at the Medway University Campus, University of Greenwich. Ms Atalifo is the Assistant Entomologist at the Secretariat for the Pacific Community and will do an MSc in Natural Resources at the Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich, while Ms Young from the Agriculture Department, will undertake an MSc/Diploma in Food Economics and Marketing at the Reading University.

Their selection was made in March this year and they will soon leave for the United Kingdom next month.

From Bruce Tizard-Varcoe in England (11 September 2000)

Tifare Alexander and Don Pickering, pictured here after successfully passing their 'Phase One' training, are currently undertaking 'Phase Two', in one of the elite regiments of the British Army,the 'Parachute Regiment'.

A week after Tifare and Don's 'Passing Out', Stanley Faktaufon also successfully passed his 'Phase One' training at the same army barracks and is half way through 'Phase Two' training. Stanley is in an infantry regiment, called the 'Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment', also known as the "RGBW's".

Letila Mitchell-Atalifo, her brother Robin Mitchell and Tieri Tizard-Varcoe, performed two half hour dance sessions at a 'Pacific Day' at the 'Millenium Dome' last month.

'Na Tadra ni Pasifika' the dance group, led by Letila and which included five others from Fiji and Tonga, put in weeks of practice and a lot of effort into their performances, which were thoroughly enjoyed by the Rotumans and other islanders who came to watch.

It was also a proud moment to see the word 'Rotuma' written on several large yellow signs around the Dome, advertising the performance times.

Nigel Simpson nows plays his club rugby for newly promoted 'Rotherham', alongside Samoans Isaac Feaunati and Mike Umaga (older brother of All Black, Tana), having transferred from Bath Rugby Club during the Summer. As well as playing in the 'Hong Kong Sevens', Nigel also played in the final tournament of the 'World Sevens Series' in Paris, for England. Recently, he played at Twickenham for his club at the 'Middlesex Sevens', playing against Serevi and Delasau who represented the 'Penguins' Invitational Sevens team.

Aaron AhSam is a sailor in the 'Royal Navy' and is currently on board a naval ship sailing around the world to many different locations.

From Hanuarani Atalifo in Rotuma (1 September 2000; posted 11 September)

We have just received a letter from the government that the airline is not accepting any LPOs that pay the airfare for medical emergency flights to Suva. Later on, we realized that there was no money at all allocated for such flights.

In order to raise money for the expenditures, the Rotuma Hospital Board (RHB) held a walkathon on June 1st that raised $1,250. Seven members walked from Noa'tau to Ahau via Hapmafau. RHB will pay the airfare for any patient who needs emergency attention in Suva if the patient has difficulty coming up with the fare. The chairperson of RHB and the doctor will look into the patient's background and will determine how the patient is to reimburse the fare. Plans for a major fundraising is in the works.

I have asked Mr. & Mrs. Jim Bentley for seating in the hospital. They have already donated two lounges & suites, one for the women's ward, the other for the men's ward. Finally our thanks to Alan & Jan & the Tefui Club for their past donations and for making it possible for other Rotumans around the globe to hear our cries for help, especially from the hospital, which needs to be well equipped for the Rotumans here to feel comfortable when sick. The government is having difficulties now, so we, the Rotumans, must help ourselves. That is why I made sure we do fund raising amongst ourselves first.

Noa'ia se 'amis ne hua'ia os hanue ta.

Note: Hanuarani Atalifo is Chairwoman of the Rotuma Hospital Board

From Marlon Isimeli in Suva (6 September 2000)

Shalom Tuatoko (daughter of Alfred and Rave Tuatoko) left for New York last Sunday to start work in the United Nations office. She has been employed in their budget section

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