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Archived News: December 2009

From Radio Fiji (24 December 2009)

Rotuma set to trade with Tuvalu

Farmers in Rotuma preparing to trade with the Tuvalu government are expecting to net 18 thousand dollars a month.

This was confirmed to FBC News by the Rotuma District Officer Nicholas Ting.

"We expect to generate 18 thousand dollars a month from the shipment we will be sending over to Tuvalu so that itself will net us 180 thousand dollars in only ten months of a year Ting adds they have set up 20 satellite groups with 20 members in each group."

He says the 400 farmers on the island are keen to start the trade with the Tuvalu Government.

The Rotuma - Tuvalu trade is scheduled for January 2010.

From Radio Fiji (20 December 2009)

Rotuma development works cost $8.9m

Development works on the Island of Rotuma costs 8.9 million dollars.

The Deputy Permament Secretary to the PM’s office Tomasi Tui says the 3.9 million dollars covers completed projects, ongoing projects and construction of the Rotuma Airstrip.

Tui says the three quarantine buildings constructed on the island cost $857,000.

Phase 2 of the airstrip works cost 6.3 million. And other infrastructure development cost $1.6m. The 2010 Budget allocation for the airstrip is $4m.

Airstrip works are expected to end between May and June next year while other development works are expected to be complete early in the new year.

From Hillside Community Church Website in Auckland (16 December 2009)

New Service Added – Rotuman

By Colin

Hillside has been approached by the leader of a group of 6 families from the Island of Rotuma (which is a part of the Fiji Islands) to use our facilities and to host they’re church service at our premises. The elders and the body are very keen, so as of Sunday the 6th of December, the Rotuman people will have their weekly service in their native tongue at Hillside at 2pm.

Rotumans are known for their integrity and hard work within the Fijian islands. There are about 800 in New Zealand. These people have come from a Methodist background but have been deeply concerned with the strongly liberal values now expressed as acceptable in many Methodist circles. This has caused them to leave the Methodist stable. Which has brought them to us! Certainly the ones who will come along, we believe are honest, hard working people. It is likely they will as appropriate and in time also attend other Hillside services and events.

We had a great time on Sunday the 6th when we welcomed them to Hillside.  It would be a great thing to show our support and love to them, so if you see them around, make an effort to know these great people.

News from Bruce Tizard-Varcoe in England (6 December 2009)

It has been a year of celebrations for Luisa Copping (nee Lilino), including 25 years of marriage with husband David Copping and a trip to Norway in August for a Norwegian family reunion.

An article appeared in the Kragerø (Norway) local newspaper which translates roughly (from the Norwegian) as:

"Lawrence Olsen's great-grandchild visited Kragerø. She was born in Rotuma and directly descended from Lawrence Edward Olsen. This was an experience for Luisa. For the first time she met with Norwegian members of her great-grandfather's family...

"During the stay she and her cousin stayed with Lise and Jan Abrahamsen in Øya. There were many hugs and many strong experiences during the stay in Kragerø. What became the strongest experience was probably the visit to Urene, where she could see the place and the house where her great grandfather came from. She was invited inside, and that became a strong emotional meeting for Luisa, says Jan Abrahmsen.

"From the garden outside the house she picked three stones which she washed, first in salt water and then in rain water. These stones will lay on the graves of her great grandfather, her grandmother and her brother Jerry. Luisa said that the meeting with her great grandfather's home town had exceeded all her expectations.

"I am very proud of my whole family. I have been taken good care of by everybody, and have met very many people. A fantastic experience. Many connections were made during the visit."

And last but not least, Luisa celebrated her 60th birthday over the weekend of 21 and 22 November with various family members, including Peter and Jacqui Young, Jerry and Charlotte Pranjivan, and the Tizard-Varcoe family.

Luisa with Jan and his wife Lise
Abrahamsen and Loraine Tizard-Varcoe
Luisa and David Copping
60th birthday