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Archived News: March 2010

From Fiji Times Online (12 March 2010)

Bio-fuel plant opens

by Timoci Vula

FIJI'S inaugural bio-diesel plant was launched on Koro Island mid-week at a cost of $392,000 initially employing seven villagers, which will later increase to 12.

The bio-diesel plant, which falls under the State's rural development project, is also expected to be set up in other rural areas -- with work expected to begin next in Lau and Rotuma by April.

Vilimone Vosarogo of the Department of Energy confirmed to the Fiji Times that by the end of this project, there would have been 20 bio-diesel plants established in the country. He said all projects, to be fully funded by the State, would also be established in Kadavu and Vanua Levu, followed by other areas.

He said the major objective of these bio-diesel projects was to address the increasing problem of fuel importation -- draining millions of dollars out of the country.

In officially launching the plant based at Nacamaki Village, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said the bio-diesel plant was user and environmentally friendly and fully supported the global initiatives toward clean air and less pollution.

He said sustaining bio-diesel plant posed new challenges to the people of Koro in terms of its continuing viability because it addressed both social and economic needs.

"The future supply of raw materials ought to be sustained and maintained at a steady level and that plant must remain viable and within capable hands and those committed to the projects broader intentions," Cdre Bainimarama said.

"I am hopeful that by 2014 when we go to the polls, we would have completed the economic transformation of the country where the rural dwellers will be fully participating in the economic development of the country by supporting necessary resources in primary and secondary processed forms to the urban and overseas markets," he said.

Cdre Bainimarama said the development of Fiji's bio-fuel resources had the potential to give the people a secure energy future.

Mr Vosarogo said the Koro bio-diesel plant would produce 1000 litres of fuel using 1.5 tonnes of dried copra and this fuel could be used in any machine that used diesel.

Bio-fuel from this plant will be sold at $1.80 a litre and copra will be bought from villagers at $600 a tonne.

"The extra power can be used to power grog pounders, ice machines, etcetera. And for one thing, no longer will the villagers be poor because there will be economic activities going on," Mr Vosarogo said.

From Radio Fiji (10 March 2010)

More bio fuel mills planned

Government is planning to construct more Bio-Fuel Mills on islands that produce copra.

Prime Minister – Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama revealed plans to construct two more mills while opening the new bio fuel mill in Nacamaki, Koro this morning.

Bainimarama says they are looking at Rotuma and Lau to host the next bio fuel mills to be constructed.

He says Government will construct more mills until 2014, but only to coconut growing regions.

The new mill installed in Koro cost government around 400 thousand dollars.