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Archived News: October 2010

From (26 October 2010)

MBHS has made me a better person

Joseph Atu
Joseph Atu

That is the sentiment of the first Rotuman who successfully went through both Primary and Secondary School at the Marist, Joseph Atu.

Atu said after finishing High School, he traveled the world and it was through the perseverance, determination and the religious classes that he was able to make a name for himself.

He added the Mobilise 2010 Conference has given him the chance to be able to meet up with his former classmates and teachers after more than forty years.

From Fiji Times Online (23 October 2010)

Shot in the arm

by Geraldine Panapasa

TRADE between Rotuma and Tuvalu will start by the end of this year after the High Temperature Forced Air (HTFA) machine is installed and tested on fruits for export.

In a statement issued by the Department of Agriculture last week, Director Biosecurity Services, Ilaitia Boa said the quarantine facilities on Rotuma were audited by the head of quarantine from Tuvalu early this year.

He said based on his report, three commodities and other fresh produce were permitted to be exported to Tuvalu.

Mr Boa said exports of the commodities would be carried out under the terms and conditions for the trade of fresh agriculture produce from Rotuma to Tuvalu.

He said the document was agreed and signed by Fiji and Tuvalu.

"The fruit trade includes pawpaw and mango and these will be treated under the High Temperature Forced Air before it is exported to Tuvalu," Mr Boa said.

He said the HTFA machine would be installed in Rotuma by the end of this year.

He said the machine would first be tested for the approved commodities before the start of export.

Mr Boa said it was not the lack of proper quarantine facilities that led to the suspension of fruit trade between Rotuma and Tuvalu.

"The main problem that is being experienced in regards to the trade between the two countries is the transportation of the products," said Mr Boa.

From Radio Fiji (15 October 2010)

Shipping delays Rotuma and Tuvalu trade

The lack of shipping services is the main issue delaying trade between Rotuma and Tuvalu says the Director of Bio-security Services Ilaitia Boa.

Boa says the three commodities taro, cassava and kumala have been approved for export from Rotuma to Tuvalu but shipping services are causing the delay.

He says the suspension of the fruit trade to Tuvalu is only temporary with trade to begin after the installation of the High Temperature Forced Air (HTFA) machine.

The machine will be installed in Rotuma by the end of the year and after trials and tests are conducted - export will start.

The fruit trade includes pawpaw and mango and these will be treated under the High Temperature Forced Air machine before it is exported.

Report by : Elenoa Osborne

From Radio Fiji (4 October 2010)

Rotuma crops sent to Viti Levu

Three loads of dalo have arrived in Viti Levu from Rotuma for sale.

Senior Officer at the Prime Minister's office Tomasi Tui says the crops have been sent to the mainland due to the delay in the trade with Tuvalu.

Another 8 tons of dalo are yet to be sent over.

Tui says they are waiting for a Hot Air Treatment Plant to be installed on the island for the Rotuma - Tuvalu trade.

He says they will be discussing the issue with Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.