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Archived News: December 2011

From Sanimeli Maraf in Rotuma (27 November 2011, posted 23 December)

Today the weather is kind; the sun has been shining all day. Before this, we've had so much rain for a month or more. Pacific Sun has been cancelling so many flights because of bad weather and people have had to take the boat instead.

Our local fund raising efforts have begun. Dances are being booked in the Noa'tau hall for Christmas celebrations using the Rotuma High School Band, which costs $400 plus transport.

The Kalvaka Manea' Tela'a started yesterday. The Itu‘u Farmers' Show will be on 8 December, but the Noa'tau Itu‘u district dance will be on 23 December. The Rotuma High School Band will be playing. Our electricity fund raising will be on 27 December and 5 January. The Paptea Primary School dinner and dance is on 14 December. The RHS band will play at all events. I believe the band is fully booked for December and January.

Ao Mane'a opens on 1 December and goes until 14 January 2012. Gagaj Maraf and I will be in Suva for his 83rd birthday celebration. He's in good health. He still drives our old car which gets us from A to B.

Merry Christmas to all our kainaga wherever you are in the world and may God bless us all in the New Year 2012.

From Fijilive (2 December 2011)

Rotuma airport funds diverted to Nausori

The $10 million allocated by government for the upgrade of Rotuma airport has been slashed to $0.5 million.

Speaking to FijiLive Airports Fiji Limited chairman Adrian Sofield said the $10 million has now been diverted for the upgrade of the Nausori airport.

He said a total of $20 million has been allocated for the upgrade of Nausori airport that starts from next year.

Sofield said the decision was made following discussions with the Minister for Civil Aviation Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

He said Nausori airport needs serious upgrade works.

Sofield said the airport runway will be standardised together with the terminal buildings.

He said the routine maintenance of Rotuma airport will be done.

by Nasik Swami