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Archived News: September 2012

From (20 September 2012)

Constitution workshop to be held for Rotuman village

A constitution submission workshop for Rotuman village, Hapmak, will be held tomorrow held at De Vos on the Park.

Workshop organizer Rosie Lagi said they feel Rotumans need to be aware on the importance of the Constitution Commission so they can raise issues that need to be presented..

Lagi said there will be a mixture of people present at the workshop, people who are currently working, retired people, young people and those who have not been to the island.

About 50 people are expected to attend the workshop.

Story by: Sarah Vamarasi

From John Taito in Navua (6 September 2012)

Navua Rotuman Farmers Host Alan Howard and Jan Rensel to a Dinner

The Navua Rotuman Farmers hosted Alan Howard and Jan Rensel to dinner on Friday, 24 August. It was a timely get together as the couple had just recently returned from the island where they were chief guests at this year's Wilson Inia Day Celebration. The dinner was held at Jione Kaitu's residence in Viwawa, Nakaulevu, Deuba. Prior to the arrival of the guests there was much excitement and buzz as the farmers, along with their families, discussed the phenomenal contribution that Alan and Jan have made and are continuing to do through their work on the Rotuma Website. The master of ceremonies was Malakai Kaitu‘u, who, after highlighting the evening program introduced the chairman of the Navua Rotuman Farmers for 2013, Jione Kaitu‘u. The chairman welcomed and thanked the couple dearly for their kindness in accepting the farmer's humble invitation to attend dinner despite their busy schedule. He acknowledged their great service and untiring dedication in keeping Rotuman people around the globe abreast of activities not only on our little island home Rotuma, but of events concerning Rotumans in general, including the Navua Rotuman Farmers Annual Food show reports that have published on the News Page of the website over the last six years.

Amidst the introduction of the farmers and their families to the couple, there was much laughter shared amongst all as each farmer jokingly remarked on their chances of next year's food show. Their entertaining comments and challenges added to the fun and camaredie marking the true spirit of the Navua Rotuman Farmer's Food show.

In his humble address, Alan gave a brief history of how he was introduced to the people and the island of Rotuma. His great passion has seen him visit the island 13 times since his first trip in 1959. Young and old alike would agree that Alan and Jan are very much Rotuman at heart. Alan not only encouraged everyone but was truly inspirational in reminding Rotumans to be proud of who we are and to hold fast to our culture and identity. He encouraged the farmers to continue putting on the annual food show competition as it not only fulfills the aim of passing on the skills to the younger generation but exemplifies the old Rotuman saying of "garue ne si‘on fa‘ and ‘mene‘a tela ‘a te on fa."

Jan Rensel, in her soft voice, thanked and encouraged everyone to be proud of their Rotuman identity and mentioned that their services were always there for the Rotuman people all over the world. She highlighted to the farmers that their annual food show reports were an event that she and Alan looked forward to every year.

Part of the evening program had the farmers and their families singing Mak ke‘ Pel – Kakai ne Rante Atakoa, which was followed with a Prayer of Thanksgiving and Grace by Sam George. Also the Rotuman anthem "Atumotu Helava la Kele" was sung along with the Fijian Farewell number "Isa Isa Vulagi lasa dina."

Koua and assorted Indian dishes were prepared by the farmers and their families.

The farmers serenaded with fara hits and held an informal talanoa and a iom kao session that kept everyone entertained till Alan and Jan departed for Suva at approximately 10.30pm. Before the evening ended there was a photo session with the couple and the singing of the Isa Isa in Fijian and Rotuman.

Isa Isa osa hai‘uliga karau
Au la la‘o mafa kalua e tanu
Api karau omis he‘a ka katukatu
La ae la fu‘sio la noho pau

Chorus: Isa lei omis noh raufaki
Ne ae osi la rou se om ka ho‘i
Katu‘aki la se mao‘aki
Airot‘aki la haipoag hai‘aki

Te‘'is rogrog me‘ame‘a het omis hunsiosiag ne noh e Navua po la naaf, Alalum on Gagaja la ma is atakoa.