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Archived News: December 2012

From Sanimeli Maraf in Rotuma (22 November 2012, posted 11 December)

The holiday season here in Rotuma as usual opens on 1 December and closes on 12 January 2013, allowing a week or two for the school children to prepare themselves for returning to school in the new year.

Lady Sandy is at the wharf today and will leave for Suva at 2 pm. It is supposed to return again at the end of the month or the first week in December because there is so much cargo, especially building materials. The Jehova Witnesses are building a new church on the Tohiga land of Noa‘tau near Pepjei, just past Rocky Point, so their building materials took up space on the boat. Like us, many people had to wait for their building materials for the second trip.

The Iloilovatu government boat leaves Suva on 8 December. I believe the people on the Western side (Nadi) chartered it. So the island of Rotuma will be full this holiday season, and we have to buy some extra perfume and powder ready for the faras.

Our hall in Noa‘tau is booked for many functions, including fund-raising for electricity and dances, all to raise money. Our Noa‘tau people are coming for Christmas and it seems like people here are waiting for them to hold their fund-raising events.

On 14 December there will be the wedding of the year at Lopta. Le‘ fa ‘o le Molly Panapasa & Fuata Fakraufon to Rina, le‘ hȧn ‘o le Gagaj Kausiriaf, chief of Oinafa and his wife, Amoe. The groom is arriving from overseas. Lopta is also having a reunion of the Panapasa family. The bride's namesake is Mrs Saverina Panapasa. So the chief is trying to finish his house extension; hopefully his building materials will arrive safely on the next boat.

Merry Christmas to all our kainaga all over the world. Hanis ti‘u pauof se ausa. Happy New Year for 2013. God bless.