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Archived News: February 2014

From Fiji Times Online (25 February 2014)

Licensed to fly

by Felix Chaudhary

INTER Island Airways Fiji has been granted licences to operate in Fiji but the airline has to meet all local aviation requirements needed, says Attorney- General and Minister for Civil Aviation Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

He said government had been proactive in assisting the airline set up in the country but the onus was on the carrier to ensure it met Fiji's high aviation standards.

"They have been given all the licences to operate in Fiji and it is up to them now," he said.

"In fact we are arranging with Airports Fiji Limited to give them a spot in the check-in area.

"But obviously, in respect of any aircraft they bring in, like any other airline operator in Fiji, they have to meet the various standard and safety checks certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji."

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum added that all aircraft registered and operating out of the country fell under the auspices of CAAF.

"Even the A330s that Fiji Airways brought in were certified by CAAF."

Inter Island Airways Fiji had initially announced it would begin offering domestic air services in July 2013.

This has since been rescheduled to April this year.

The airline plans to operate services between Nadi and Suva, to Labasa, Savusavu, Taveuni, Kadavu and Rotuma.

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From Fiji Broadcasting Corporation (10 February 2014)

Fruit flies holds up breadfruit export to US

Report by: Elenoa Turagaiviu

The presence of a species of fruit flies in Rotuma is causing the hold up in Fiji's breadfruit export to the United States.

Biosecurity Authority of Fiji Supervisor Post Boarder Viliame Ratoto says BAF and the Ministry of Agriculture are carrying out a research on the fruit flies species.

"We don't have it here in Viti Levu. So we have area freedom here. So, there can be two conditions, either we can opt to send uto from Viti Levu because we don't have that species here or otherwise just to otherwise kill temperature for that species."

Ratoto says the species in only found on Rotuma, hence the research is being is being conducted there.

He says they are trying to find a way to either eradicate the species.

The issue is being raised by US Biosecurity authorities.

Fiji is also looking at exporting breadfruit to Australia and New Zealand.

From Fiji Times Online (1 February 2014)

Dredging to improve services

by Torika Tokalau

PEOPLE on Rotuma will have something to look forward to when the dredging of Oinafa Jetty is completed in early May.

For 2014, the Fiji Roads Authority has budgeted about $56million for the renewal and replacement of bridges and jetties, including the dredging of Oinafa jetty.

Authority planning and performance manager Christine Serreyn said they had conducted a physical assessment of the jetty and this meant observing it three times a day in different weather conditions to analyse the impact of tides and waves.

Underwater photography revealed the sand accumulation was the primary issue to be addressed.

"The authority was aware the jetty on Rotuma was not working as it should, and it was a priority that people and their goods had access to shipping services," Ms Serreyn said.