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Archived News: March 2016

From (22 March 2016)

Government receives dalo and husked coconuts from Rotuma

By Sharon Dipitika

The Government today received 151 bags of dalo and 130 bags of husked coconuts from the people of Rotuma for the Tropical Cyclone Winston Relief Assistance.

A representative of the Rotuma Council Gagaj Maraf said as people of one nation they sympathize with the people severely affected by Cyclone Winston and join hands with others with whatever little they have to provide for those who need assistance.

Maraf said Rotuma was severely affected by Hurricane Bibi and they know what it feels like to lose everything.

Commissioner Eastern Luke Moroivalu said the items will be delivered to the Western Division, Central Division and Ovalau today.

He said this has to be done as soon as possible.

Winston cyclone

From Fiji Times Online (4 March 2016)

Adventure every day

by Shalveen Chand

THE sea would be his destiny and it is no wonder that choppy waters feel calming to this sailor.

About 30 years ago, in the village of Motusa in Rotuma, nine-year-old Tokoara Tivaknoa Kauata dreamt he would grow up to be a seaman. And as he grew older, the more he looked forward to becoming one.

Kauata is now working as an able seaman on the MV Princess Civa.

"I was just a boy when I had a dream that I would be a sailor. It was the line of work Rotumans were getting into and since that day I knew that I would grow up to work in a boat," Kauata said.

"I guess the sea is an everyday part of my life. Our village, Motusa, is surrounded on both sides by the sea. Even as kids, we had this relationship with the sea."

Tokoara Kauata
Tokoara Tivaknoa Kauata, second from left, with shipmates on board the MV Princess Civa. Picture: Shalveen Chand

Kauata completed his primary school education on Rotuma and after spending a year in Rotuma High School, he moved to Suva and joined Marist Brothers' High School.

"I finished high school and did some further studies with the then school of maritime and since then have been working as an able seaman," he said.

"For me, life on the sea is an adventure. I feel more at home on the sea. I also prefer rough and choppy waters because that makes you feel like a man."

The MV Princess Civa is mostly used for cargo but has the capacity to carry 200 passengers and the vessel makes frequent trips to the Lau Group. Kauata said there had been some memorable journeys.

Kauata said he had plans to progress in the industry.

"There are options open to me for growth. I am thinking about taking up studies and perhaps be able to captain my own ship one day," he said. "We all want to move up in the world and this is the path which I think best suits me.

"But so far, I have no regrets with life and love what I am doing. I am able to see the parts of Fiji which most people can only talk about.

"This is an adventure in itself. The sea is an adventure and so far it has been pretty good sailing."

On YouTube (3 March 2016)

Fijian President H.E Jioje Konrote tours Vanuabalavu, post cyclone Winston