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Archived News: April 2016

From Fiji Sun Online (19 April 2016)

Rotuman Beauty Eyes Crown

Gianoula Sefeti

by Jyoti Pratibha

Rotuman beauty, Gianoula Sefeti believes every woman is uniquely beautiful and plays an essential purpose in life including those around her.

Ms Sefeti, 25, is one of the ten finalists competing in this year's Miss World Fiji contest.

"My mother would always say that I could be the most beautiful woman in the world but with no heart, you're just a chocolate wrapper," she said.

"If women could only realise their unique beauty and embrace it, the world would be filled with unimaginable colours."

She enjoys reading, writing, singing and playing the guitar.

Ms Sefeti describes beauty as the inner attributes and characteristics that makes a superbly wonderful individual.

She speaks several languages as English, Rotuman, hiligaynon tagalong, which is spoken in the Philippines, and iTaukei.