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Archived News: April 2017

From Fiji Sun online (1 April 2017)

Konrote Setting a Fine Example in His Campaign to Eliminate NCDs

By Nemani Delaibatiki

The President, Major-General (Retired) Jioji Konrote is setting a fine example as
Champion for the Elimination of non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services has bestowed upon him this honour in a bid
to boost its campaign against non-communicable diseases. And so far he is doing an
excellent job.

Mr Konrote, being an ex-military officer, lives a disciplined life. It is understood he is up
at 4am daily and goes for his morning run.

He maintains a strict healthy diet sticking to organic farm fresh food.

At 70, he is in good nick. Yesterday, he attended a chiropractic clinic by visiting American
chiropractors at State House in Suva and would put to shame many in the 40 to 50 yearold

There is synergy between the wellness programme Mr Konrote promotes to what the
American chiropractors advocate. The Americans were impressed with Mr Konrote's state
of health and his campaign on wellness and against NCDs.

So when he speaks on wellness and NCDs he speaks with authority, purpose and passion.

That the message is coming from the top carries a lot of weight by highlighting the health
problems that afflict people in Fiji. The problems are caused by lifestyle changes, the type
of food we eat and what we drink.

In the case of Mr Konrote, he religiously follows his diet plan. His drink comes from the
lemon tree and he avoids factory-made sugar flavoured drinks. Most of his food comes
from the garden in organic form.

As he passionately discusses his NCD message there are people suffering from diabetes
and other diseases.

His message is for those who have not reached that stage yet. It's all about living a good
clean life and doing away with the unhealthy lifestyle.

As a starter, fruits and vegetables should be an integral part of your regular diet. Meat
should be eaten sparingly while seafood is a good source of protein.

Like Mr Konrote, regular exercise is a must to keep the body physical level up and build

Healthy people help reduce our health bill and increase productivity.

Let's support Mr Konrote in his wellness programme and the fight against NCDs.

Jioji Konrote