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Archived News: January 2018

From Fiji Broadcasting Corporation (31 January 2018)

MSAF to expand to Kadavu and Rotuma

The Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji plans to open up two more new offices.

CEO John Tunidau told FBC News, they are planning to open up an office in Rotuma and one in KaMSAF to expand to Kadavu and Rotuma

The Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji plans to open up two more new offices.

CEO John Tunidau told FBC News, they are planning to open up an office in Rotuma and one in Kadavu.

Tunidau says even though Rotuma is isolated, it is an area that MSAF needs to look at.

He adds, at the moment those in Kadavu are being served in Suva but there is a need to set up one office on the island that will serve the Central Eastern Division.

MSAF currently has 11 offices around the country, following the opening of their new office in Salia, Taveuni.

From Fiji Times Online (24 January 2018)

April deadline for runway, says AFL

By Shayal Devi

THE newly-upgraded Rotuma runway should open by April if remaining works are completed within the set timeframe.

Airports Fiji Limited (AFL) executive chairperson Faiz Khan said about 70 per cent of work was completed.

"This is one of the biggest things we are looking forward to and many people don't know that the Rotuma upgrade includes a new runway and when it is complete, people will get a sense of the magnitude of the project," he said.

"We have one flight per week to Rotuma at the moment. When the runway becomes bigger, we can accommodate bigger ATR 42 and ATR 72 planes carrying 40 to 70 passengers in any one flight.

"That can also reduce the current fares because of the fact that you can carry 70 as opposed to seven, so the airlines can charge lesser."

He said the ultimate aim for AFL was to ensure that the people of Rotuma were able to trade better.

"They are able to move to and from Rotuma and that will then ensure more economic growth and that's what we're looking for in the next few months."

See Commentary by Henry Enasio

From Fiji Times Online (11 January 2018)

13.7pc have disability

By Solomone Rabulu

ONE hundred and thirteen thousand, five hundred and ninety-five (113,595) people of the total recorded population of 884,887 enumerated in the 2017 Population and Housing Census were reported to have at least one functioning challenge or disability.

This accounted for 13.7 per cent of the total population enumerated last year.

This statistics was part of the 2017 census report released by the Fiji Bureau of Statistics (FBoS) yesterday.

Census Commissioner Epeli Waqavonovono said this 13.7 per cent was close to the international benchmark of 15 per cent.

Rotuma recorded the highest number of people living with disabilities, accounting for 21.7 per cent of the total provincial population. Lau followed with 18.2 per cent, Serua at 18.1 per cent, Bua at 16.9 per cent, Lomaiviti at 16.0 per cent with the province of Nadroga and Navosa recording the lowest percentage of 10.4 per cent of people living with disabilities. __________

Note from Henry Enasio: Solomone Rabulu’s comment that "Rotuma recorded the highest number of people living with disabilities," is incorrect.

It’s a misrepresentation of the FBoS statistics since Rotumans with disability only numbered 330, which is the lowest provincial number. However, it is the highest in percentage (21.7%). Thus the sentence should read, Rotuma recorded the highest percentage of people living with disabilities.

From Fiji Sun Online (5 January 2019)

30 Engineers On Festive Break Return To Rotuma

By Maika Bolatiki

Thirty Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) engineers returned to Rotuma on Wednesday on board the Government vessel, Vunilagi.

RFMF Engineers operations officer Major Sanaila Vatukalulu said the 30 engineers were on Christmas and New Year’s leave here while 10 engineers stayed in Rotuma to look after their equipment.

“They (30 engineers) are going back to continue work at the new Rotuma Hospital,” he said.

The vessel is also carrying some materials for the new hospital.

On Wednesday Fiji Sun contacted the project troop leader in Rotuma, Warrant Officer Class One (WO1) Penaia Balawa, who said they were looking forward to meet their workmates again.

Major Vatukalulu said the RFMF engineers would continue to work on their ongoing projects around the country, most of which were self-funded.  Edited by Naisa Koroi