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Archived News: February 2020

From the Fiji Sun (28 February 2020)

BBC Documents Young Climate Change Activist

The documentary will focus on her journey as a young activist and will be released at the end of March this year.

By Jennis Naidu

AnneMary being filmed

After following her Twitter account and stumbling on her many mangrove planting initiatives andcampaigns, BBC UK approached AnneMary Raduva for a documentary.

AnneMary is a Year 11 student of St Joseph's Secondary School in Suva, and is a climate change and environmental activist.

The international media company messaged her mother, Moria Vilsoni-Raduva, seeking permission to document the young activist's journey.

[Note: Moira Vilsoni-Raduva is the daughter of Maniue and Vika Vilsoni from Malhaha]

"I was very blessed to have been chosen. When I heard that an international media company was interested in me, I was really happy!" she said.

The BBC UK crew even joined AnneMary on a mangrove planting session last

"We planted more than 3000 mangroves with 70 students inclusive of the former
students, the students and the principal, Ms Lowe.

"BBC UK filmed everyone planting mangroves, following a coastal clean-up."

The documentary will focus on her journey as a young activist and will be released
at the end of March this year.

AnneMary with NZ Prime Minister

Meanwhile, AnneMary presented New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern one
of her school's tee-shirts during the Fijian Female Leaders luncheon hosted by Ms
Ardern at the residence of the New Zealand High Commissioner, Jonathan Curr, on

"She held the tee-shirt, looked at the logo and she loved it. She said she loves the
colour blue, and my heart went, yes," AnneMary said.

Ms Ardern advised AnneMary that it was never too young to be a leader.

From Fiji Broadcasting Corp. (26 February 2020)

New MOU aims at eradicating agricultural pests on Rotuma

By Koroi Tadulala

The Biosecurity Authority of Fiji is working with relevant stakeholders in an effort to manage invasive species on Rotuma.

This is focused on the eradication of the common myna and cane toad on Rotuma.

BAF signed a Memorandum of Understanding with BirdLife International Pacific Secretariat and Fiji Nature Conservation Trust today, aimed at enhancing surveillance, monitoring, data sharing, communications and public outreach on the two species.

The MOU will further establish the administrative framework to facilitate the sharing of relevant information and resources in relation to the eradication and management of the two species.

The MOU is also aimed at ensuring that Fiji's natural environment, agricultural industry and way of life is protected.

From the Fiji Sun (14 February 2020)

MLC Vatulawa Takes Much Needed Fuel to Rotuma

By Maika Bolatiki

The Government barge, Motor Landing Craft (MLC) Vatulawa, left Suva for Rotuma yesterday.

She was taking the much-needed fuel for the island, a water pump and other materials needed to get services back to normal.

The Commissioner Eastern Inoke Tuiwainunu was briefed by the district officer (DO) Rotuma Etika Taukave on what was happening on the island.

He was told that the schools on the island were closed for two days because of the water problem on the island.

Mr Tuiwainunu said a water pump at Malahaha Village had burst and the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) was rectifying the problem.

He said the WAF was sending a new pump on board the MLC Vatulawa
to replace the damaged one.

"The WAF confirmed yesterday that water was back to normal on the island and the schools had reopened," he said.

"Fuel supply on the island is very low and Energy Fiji Limited (EFL) is sharing its fuel with WAF.

"All fuel used by WAF will be replaced when the MLC Vatulawa arrives."

Mr Tuiwainunu said all services in Rotuma should return to normal by this weekend.

He said work on the Rotumajetty had been completed and a company barge was on its way to Rotuma to bring other materials to the island.

The Rotuma district officer, Etika Taukave, when contacted yesterday said he had briefed the Acting Commissioner Eastern on the situation in Rotuma.

Mr Taukave said all services would be back to normal when the fuel would arrive from Suva.

He expects the MLC Vatulawa to reach Rotuma this afternoon.