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Archived News: October 2023

From Australian Broadcasting Company (17 October 2023)

Pacific culture highlighted in landmark exhibition at major Australian museum

By Dubravka Voloder

At the opening of the Wansolmoana exhibit in Sydney

A Tokelauan vaka, a Rotuma suru headdress and a Fijian chiefly ceremonial costume are some of the works in a new Pacific exhibition at the Australian museum in Sydney.

Curated by Pacific Islanders, 'Wansolmoana', or one salt ocean, aims to celebrate culture, and highlight issues like the impacts of climate change and historical wrong-doings.

The exhibition will be permanent, but the objects will change over time.

Lead curator Melissa Malu says it's been a moving experience to be involved in.

"It's the first time that a group of all Pacific staff, plus Pacific contributors, have come together to feed into it and build it up from the bottom sort of up.

"It's been moving and all of our contributors, what they've told us is, Melissa, if you didn't have this project, a lot of our practices would have died," she said.