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2008 Islands of the World Fashion Week

From Wilson Hoerder in Lautoka (14 November 2008)

I would like to share the good news surrounding my brother, Hupfeld Hoerder's recent performance at the 2008 Islands of the World Fashion Week, which was held in the Bahamas from 5-8 November 2008. Hupfeld was the sole representative from the South Pacific Region and carried the banner for Fiji. Two of his garments made it into the finals. This was the first time a designer from Fiji has entered an international competition of such caliber.

My mother, Akata Hoerder, was Hupfeld's official assistant at the fashion show and their participation at the aforementioned event was the formal platform for Hupfeld to venture into the international global scene with fashion editors and buyers from the US present to scout for new talent.

Hupfeld's two pieces making the final cut were taken for a professional photoshoot with top models from the Bahamas and will be gracing selected fashion magazines circulated to industry people in New York.

Based on the strength of his collection of 25 garments in the Casual Wear , Pret a Porter and Haute Couture range, Hupfeld has received invitations to participate in selected fashions shows in New York and San Francisco next year.

Hupfeld was also the Wardrobe & Stage Designer, and Make Up Artist for "The Land Has Eyes" and his success at the "Islands of the World Fashion Show," which saw 32 designers from the African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) region competing is another milestone for Fiji, with special emphasis on our proud Rotuman heritage.

Hupfeld will also showcase the same collection he took to the Bahamas in the inaugural “Fiji Fashion Week” which will take place between the 1st - 5th December 2008 at the Hilton Hotel at Denarau Island, in Nadi.

From The Pacific Arts Alliance

Interview with finalist Hupfeld Hoerder

Islands of the World Fashion Week

Reports from one of our artists from Fiji: Hupfeld Hoerder

What made you participate in the show?
Actually, My cousin Letila sent me the website, All designers had to apply on line where a committee in the Bahamas which made the selection based on some criteria like the years of designing done by each participant and past awards you have achieved etc....I also wanted to participate with this because this would not only put Fiji on an international platform but would give the exposure and benchmark my designs with other countries. Not to mention I was the only one from the Pacific that participated so I did my best to promote the uniqueness of the Pacific Islands.

When did you start that art?
Designing for me started when I was in my second year of my undergraduate studies pursuing my Economics and Management Degree at the University of the South Pacific, but initially this started when I was younger in primary school where I always had a passion for colors and art and always loved drawing....I also would like to mention that this is a god given talent because I was self taught, I did not go to any institution or no one taught me.

What did you showcase there?
I showcased 3 categories, casual resort wear, Prêt a Porter or Ready to wear and Haute Couture

Your feelings and experience there?
Awesome, Educational, and will definitely go further...
I learnt that one has to appreciate and respect other designer's concept and ideas and that we are unique in our own designs and the message we are trying to portray. My designs made an impact the fact that it not only promoted Fiji but the Pacific, any pacific islander can identify with my designs because it had the pacific touch in the paint and the use of authentic natural fibers.
What did you want to tell other artists out there who are working hard in reaching their goals?
Follow your dreams and believe in yourself and believe that will only help you if you help yourself.

What is success for you?
From the Fashion and Designing perspective, Success is when you see your design on the catwalk and on the model and you have been acknowledge for your work, not necessarily the awards. Because designers have their own unique style to clothing and for example, from the Pacific, my style at the show was vibrant colors of the flora and fauna and color of the aqua marine sea, and I used a lot of natural fiber like Tapa and coconut synette.


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