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Excursion 2011

Rotuma High School has taken an innovative integrated approach for students to have a one-week school excursion each year. It is a very important component for study and is significantly required for Internal Assessment Tasks. The school paid for the truck fares and students were encouraged to bring fruit and food items or whatever they could as gifts to the places visited. The school excursion was held during 14–17 June. Preparation, write up and evaluation was completed within the excursion week. The excursion was well balanced because students visited key areas such as the Oinafa Wharf, Malha‘a Airport, coral reefs, a forest, a commercial farm, a private double-storey construction and the government departments based at the government station at Ahau.

Unfortunately we were not able to take photos of all the excursion sites because visits took place simultaneously and only one camera was available.