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Mini-Youth Parliament

Rotuma High School achieved another milestone on Tuesday, 26 September 2012 as it hosted the first-ever Mini-Youth Parliament to be held on Rotuma Island.

In attendance was the Principal Administrative Officer in the Prime Minister’s office, Mrs. Atelaite Qaranivalu. Accompanying her was Mr. Fatiaki Misau, the Chairman of the Rotuman Think-Tank.

Also present were the District Officer-Rotuma, District Chiefs of Rotuma, Chairman - Council of Rotuma, members of the council, staff and students of Rotuma High School, retired civil servants, and villagers.

The topic for debate was “Given the technological advancements of today where the learning of virtually any subject can be easily accessed through the internet and other high tech means, the question is therefore inevitable: Is traditional leadership relevant to-day?”.

The parliamentary arrangement of parties consisted of 16 Hon. Members, Speaker of the House, a Clerk to the House, and 4 Hanzard Reports.

In addition, the honourable members of parliament were required some degree of research and on the ancillary functions of the Lower House.

The composition of the Lower House in more detail is as follows:

a) Speaker of the Lower House: Hon. Viliame Katonivualiku (staff)
    Clerk to the House: Jione Jimione (staff - Hapmak)
    Hanzard Reports: Mrs. Fatiaki Tomasi (staff - Malha’a)
                                    Mrs. Saverina Wesley (staff - Lopta)
                                    Mrs. Lisi Tolo (staff - Motusa)
                                    Mr. David Epeli (staff - Hapmak)

b) Government Party

  1. Prime Minister - Hon. Lesley Kafoa (staff - Motusa)
  2. Sydney-Rotuma Community - Hon. Patricia Fonmoa (Form 501 - Ahau)
  3. Hadi-Rotuma Community - Hon. Tipo Mamao (Form 502 - Malha’a)
  4. Itu’muta District - Hon. Emmanuel Pene (Form 501 - Itu’muta)
  5. Pepjei District - Hon. Pelenise Apao (Form 502 - Pepjei)
  6. Suva I Rotuma Community - Hon. Margaret Gabriel (From 401 - Kalvaka)
  7. Noatau District - Hon. Georeen Antdrea (Form 401 - Noatau)
  8. Vatukoula-Rotuma Community - Hon. Paul Kaitu’u (Youth Malha’a)

c) Opposition Party

  1. Leader of Opposition – Hon. Joseph Savea (staff-Juju)
  2. Auckland-Rotuma Community – Hon. Atalifo Ravai (Youth-Fapufa)
  3. Malha’a District – Hon. Joshua Vincent (Form 401-Malha’a)
  4. Suva II – Rotuma Community – Hon. Kristel Suliana (form 401 – Paptea)
  5. Itutiu District – Hon. Samantha Petero (Form 301 – Hapmak)
  6. Juju District – Hon. Jacquelyn Taito (Form 501 – Pepjei)
  7. Oinafa District – Hon. Kelaisea Finiasi (Form 401 – Paptea)
  8. Labasa-Savusavu Rotuman Community – Hon. Faith Levosio (Form 401 – Motusa)

The objective of this leadership training was to provide a forum for the youths to express their views and opinions in an open and conducive environment. In addition, at the end of the exercise, youths would have gained confidence in expressing their opinions in different forums, enhanced their public speaking skills and research skills.