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Computer Lab – Air Conditioning

Wednesday, 12 October, 2011 was another historical moment for the high school. Mrs Aitu Burgess (nee Tivao) of Else‘e, Malha‘a and her husband, Colin, donated an air conditioning unit where the computers are housed.

Principal Mr. Perry Gabriel acknowledging the donation given from Mrs. Aitu Burgess. Aitu’s brother, Freddy Tivao Installed AC unit

AC unit seen from inside and Outside the RHS IT Lab

With the air-conditioned room computers will be fully protected from dust, humidity and rust.

The school acknowledges the donation and installation of the air conditioning units. Freddy Tivao, brother of Aitu, who is a chief engineer, personally installed the units while in Rotuma for his parent's höt‘ȧk hạfu (headstone ceremony). Marie Howard (Brisbane, Australia), eldest sister of Aitu, was there to witness the completion of the air-conditioning units.

This is the first air-conditioned classroom in Rotuma.

Rotuma High School staff and students thank the Tivao family for their generosity and concern for improving conditions at Rotuma High School.

Mr. Freddy Tivao installing Air-con unit with the help of the local electrician Mr. Metuisela of Hakmark and School Carpenter Mr. Tuni

Principal Mr. Perry Gabriel shaking hands with Mr. Freddy Tivao after observing the fully installed air-con unit
Principal Mr. Gabriel standing with Gajaj Taimanav inside the first air-con classroom in Rotuma High School