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Archived News: October 2007

From Rupeni Mario in Suva (28 October 2007)

As part of the Pacific Islands Energy Policy and Strategic Action Planning( PIEPSAP) project based at SOPAC, a comprehensive study on biofuel from coconut resources in Rotuma has been published.

Download the report (pdf 1.1MB)

From Sylvia Joe in Brisbane (27 October 2007)

The Fiji Independence Day Celebrations in Brisbane was managed by a steering committee, made up of a cross section of the Fiji community members in Brisbane. We had a successful fundraising dinner dance on Saturday, 6 October, at South Leagues Club West End, which was a sell out. The evening was well attended by the Fiji community in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

The Fiji Day festival was staged on the following Saturday, 13 October, at the South Leagues Club grounds. There were activities for all age groups, a wide variety of food stalls, cultural entertainment and sports.

Chairman : Amena Gutugutuwai
Coordinator: Lome Swan
Members: Sylvia Joe
Amini Laveta
Bobee Bach
Christine Aidney
Pate Ganita
Samu Turagacati
Seini Brooks
Jimaima Le Grand
Inoke Ratudina
Alice Vocea
Taito Rauluni
Peceli Vitukawalu
Waqa Baravilala
Irene Tavutavu
Mita Viriki
Cathy Kelley
Malakai Tilagucaguca

See Photos

From Alan & Jan in Honolulu (26 October 2007)

Victor Narsimulu, son of Rosarine Valesi and Samuel Narsimulu of Wailoku, attended the 11th class of the National American Pacific Islander Leadership Institute (NAPALI) that was held in Honolulu, Hawaii, from 11-19 October. Victor is currently working with young Pacific Island students in Provo, Utah, in an attempt to demonstrate opportunities and workable options available in America that he did not have in Fiji while growing up. He reports:

In one of the sessions we discussed the topic of education amongst Pacific Islanders in the U.S and how we could better empower our children to excel in schools.  There are several avenues for empowering our children in their educational endeavors, but what stood out to me at this session was the importance of teaching our children never to forget who they are and who they represent, as Aisea Aitu once told me. He was told these words by his own father. We need to instill in our children the values we were taught at home, enabling them to modernize, but without compromising our island virtues of hard work and respect.

I am reminded of my dear mother, who raised all of her family according to the proverbial Rotuman saying: Hia' ra heta ma hia' la fa' while working grueling jobs.

Napali group Narsimalu family
11th NAPALI Leadership Class
Victor, Mele & Sione Narsimalu

From Brooke Fatiaki in Fiji (15 October 2007)

Rotuma’s Krump Princes

Congratulations to BSquad (B for Bisikete), the latest Rotuman hip hop group that stormed the stage at  the Hibiscus Carnival! The Stomp Nite event was sponsored by Fiji Broadcasting Commission  and Marie Stopes International. This was the Squad’s second performance, their first being at the "Suva on Sale" competition in May, which they won! The fifteen squad members are George Wasile (leader), Walter and Vernon Wasile, Wilson, Shorrosh & Sitaleki Fatiaki, Samuela Taukave Junior, Mark & Sulivon, Wilfred & Hezron Inia, Leeroy & Jerome Yam.

Team leader George Enrique (middle) with brother Walter (left) & cousin Ron

Contemporary artist and dancer, Pelu Fatiaki was amongst the cheering uncles and aunts, mothers and fathers in the crowd. "They dance with such passion," said Pelu. Cheers to the sponsors and the Squad for such an entertaining night!

Bsquad has recorded their first live performance on DVD.

From Bruce Tizard-Varcoe in England (13 October 2007)

Photos of Graham Dewes seem to be very popular on Fiji websites at the moment. The one below, from, is probably the best:

Dewes with children
Also from the Daily Post
Fiji Post front page

Fiji’s Graham Dewes poses for a photograph with young fans at the Post Fiji Stadium following the 15’s celebration

  Rugby fans young and old flocked in numbers to greet the FMF Flying Fijians who landed at the Nadi International Airport yesterday morning.

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