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History of Rotuma High School

February 1958 Rotuma High School was founded on the same campus as the Malhaha Primary School, with Wilson Inia as Headmaster.
June 2001 Contingent from Sydney arrive in Rotuma to build a library building adjacent to the high school.
October 2004 Rotuma High School's new library, funded and built by the Australian Wesley Mission, was named the "Wilson Inia Library."

[I suggest a timeline showing key events in the school's history. This could include the appointment of new principals, additions to the program, etc. Above are examples. I believe the high school began only with forms 3 and 4, and that forms 5 and 6 were added later on. Acknowledging such developments would be nice.]

[I have a few photos from 1960 of teachers in the classroom and students. It might be nice to solicit photos from people who have them, like Peace Corps Volunteers and others for posting in this section.]