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This Bulletin Board is for posting messages of interest to the global Rotuman community. It is an appropriate place to ask questions, to make announcements regarding events, to share information and opinions, and to find lost kainaga, friends, schoolmates, etc. To post an item on the bulletin board send your message via email to the webmaster <> We request that messages conform to the rules of Rotuman etiquette (fak gagaja) and show courtesy toward, and respect for, others. As a rule, messages will only be posted when individuals identify themselves by name. Messages will be left on the Board until space limitations require their removal.

Vilsoni Hereniko has released a video of his new film A Niu Way on YouTube as well as a trailer to his film Sina ma Tinirau [20 September 2021] in addition to the feature film, The Land Has Eyes, which was released for online viewing a while ago.