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Rotuma from NASA Satellite

Bulletin Board

  • 27 April, Announcing Language Week & Rotuma Day Celebrations in Auckland

Contemporary Rotuman Artists


  • 20 May, Culture and heritage Rotuma Day important for identity
  • 20 May, Rotumans Gather For Their Big Day
  • 19 May, Namaka Campus Hosts Rotuma Day
  • 17 May, Rotuma senior citizens welcome Parliament bus program
  • 13 May, Rotumans celebrate and reawaken their language
  • 13 May, Government committed to developing Rotuma Island
  • 12 May, A diaspora rallies to reawaken the language of Rotuma
  • 11 May, Rotuman Language Week makes debut in Auckland
  • 9 May, Rotuma language week inspires ABs sevens player
  • 9 May, Government Help Sought
  • 7 May, Parliament education reaches Rotuma
  • 1 May, Auckland Rotuman community acts to save a dying language

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