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Rotuma from NASA Satellite

Life Stories


  • 8 November, a lesson of present & past tense with Rotuman translation


  • 10 November, Trust fund plan for designers
  • 8 November, Regarding rumours that chiefs want to secede from Fiji
  • 7 November, Update: Monifa Fiu & Alfred Ralifo at climate change summit in Germany
  • 5 November, Rotuman Chiefs travel to Suva for meeting with Commissioner Eastern
  • 3 November, After a Record-Breaking Atlantic Hurricane Season, Here's What To Expect In The South Pacific
  • Forecasters in the region predict an average cyclone season for the Pacific Islands, but Fiji is still recovering from the last major hurricane to batter the island nation.
  • 3 November, 2018 deadline for Rotuma hospital construction
  • 30 October, Alfred Ralifo and Monifa Fiu to attend climate change meeting in Germany
  • 30 October, Multi-sectoral State officials to meet Rotuma Island Council
  • 7 October, President Konrote to chair international climate meeting in Germany


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